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a lawn in Virginia that is brown and thirsty

4 Tricks to Avoid a Stressed Lawn This Summer

Summer is the most stressful time of year for your lawn and landscape. Learn to spot the warning signs so you can alter your lawn maintenance schedule to help to avoid drought stress and keep your lawn healthy and green.Read more

Plant A Fall Vegetable Garden

If you’ve never thought about having a fall vegetable garden, now is a great time to start. Follow these easy steps to achieve a beautiful and bountiful fall vegetable garden of your dreams!Read more

My Mom's War Against Ants!

My Mom can't stand ants or termites and she is quite offended when ants have the temerity to invade her clean home; be it the kitchen, bathroom or laundry or heaven forbid a closet or the master bedroom.Read more

Army Ants

Sometimes it is just plain interesting to find learn about some of the more exotic insects in the world. This is especially true if the insect is not in the area where you live. Learn more about Army Ants here.Read more