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Girl running through yard, pulling her mother by the hand behind her

How to Treat Brown Patch

One of the most common lawn diseases around, brown patch can strike anywhere with the kind of seasonal humidity you’ll find in Maryland and Virginia. Learn how to prevent, identify, and treat this disease.Read more
Green armyworm on leaf

Guide to Armyworms in MD and VA

Homeowners wake up to find their lawns decimated overnight from armyworms. Time is of the essence when it comes to these fast-moving surface feeders, so if you see them or feel your lawn may be playing host to these destroyers, contact us as soon as possible.Read more
Phragmites along a river bank

How to Get Rid of Phragmites

Phragmites are a type of marsh grass that is impacting the local habitats of Maryland and mid-Atlantic coast. Read more to learn how to identify and control this plant.Read more
Yellow nutsedge growing in the ground

How to Kill Nutsedge

Unsure what nutsedge looks like or how to get rid of it? The professionals at Blades of Green have created a guide to each type of nutsedge, how to control it, how to prevent it, and more.Read more
A family of four getting ready to have a picnic outside

How to Prepare Your Lawn for Summer

Spring and summer months are your lawn’s seasons to shine. But just because conditions are conducive to growing doesn’t mean that you can just leave your grass alone. Keep reading for a few of our favorite tips and tricks to get a healthy, vibrant lawn in the coming seasons.Read more



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