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Has lawn care become a chore on your weekend to-do list that you just don't have the time or energy for? 

The lawn care specialists at Blades of Green can help! Our hassle-free lawn care services in Reston, Virginia are scientifically crafted to achieve the green, weed-free lawn you've always wanted – guaranteed! 

Lawn Care in Reston, VA

Creating a healthy lawn isn't easy – though the expert technicians at Blades of Green make it look that way!

Our team of highly trained experts will design your lawn care program around your exact concerns, tailoring each step to meet the needs of your landscape. Our lawn care specialists are trained to spot early warning signs of trouble - like malnutrition, disease, and pests in your lawn - and act fast to correct them so you get the lawn you've always wanted. 

We’re so confident in our proven lawn care system that we guarantee it! Stop wasting away your summer days sweating over lawn care problems, and get back to enjoying your backyard with help from our Reston lawn care services. 

A Beautiful Lawn in Every Season

Our lawn care programs are designed to restore and maintain the natural balance of your lawn so that it stays healthy - not just through the summer months, but all year long. Our approach is scientifically-based and customized to the soil and climate of Virginia to provide what your lawn needs most. 

Each of our proven lawn care programs in Reston include:

  • Initial Evaluation & First Round Application: We start with a thorough analysis to evaluate soil and turf health. Once we better understand the current conditions of your lawn, our experts will take care of your first treatment the very same day! 

  • Fertilization: We utilize highly-effective, organic-based products to give your lawn what it needs to succeed, without threatening the health of your family or the surrounding environment.

  • Grub Control

  • Weed Maintenance: Our team works to eliminate weed populations in your lawn, while stopping new ones from sprouting using targeted control methods and pre-emergent treatments. 

  • pH Testing & Lime Treatment: You can't build a beautiful lawn without a foundation of healthy soil. With pH testing and lime treatments, our team restores your soil to conditions for optimal growth. 

An Organic-Based Approach

At Blades of Green, we're invested in giving you more than just grass that is merely green.

We have designed each of our lawn care programs to provide you with a lawn that is healthy from root to tip. Even more importantly – we have committed to do so with the health of your children, pets, and the surrounding ecosystem in mind! 

Our treatments use organic-based, phosphorus-free products. We're also Quality Pro Certified - a recognition given only to 2% of lawn care and pest control companies for exceeding national and state regulations. 

Award-Winning Service

We want your lawn care service to be hassle-free from the very beginning. When you work with our lawn care specialists in Reston, you're choosing a team that always goes the extra mile to keep you informed and exceed your expectations.

From tart to finish, you will always be treated with unbeatable customer service. We only hire the best and the brightest, and we invest in continual training to give them the expertise to unleash your lawn's full potential. With Blades of Green, you can trust that every service technician and customer service leader you interact with will be knowledgeable and friendly.

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Each lawn is different and that is why we offer customized lawn care programs to fit your lawns needs.

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