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Our lawn care program in Bowie is designed to deliver a green, healthy lawn. Our organic-based program is derived from more than 25 years of experience.

Stop spending hours of your precious time and energy in your lawn. Get back to time with your family and other hobbies, and let us take care of your lawn’s unique needs for a healthy - and hassle-free - lawn you can boast about!

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Lawn Care Aeration & Seeding Tree & Shrub Care

Bowie Lawn Care Program

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Oftentimes, lawn care companies make the mistake of confining their customers to a set of predetermined care options. At Blades of Green, we know better.

Your lawn is unique, and it deserves to be treated as such. In fact, personalized lawn care services in Bowie are the only way to guarantee premium results for your turf. That’s why all of our lawn care plans begin with a thorough assessment of your yard. Next, we will consult with you about your personal needs and our expert technicians will design a program that is right for you. 

Improve Grass Health with Aeration

If improving the overall look and health of your lawn seems overwhelming, you can cast the burden on our extensively trained, experienced technicians. We are familiar with the unique needs of Maryland lawns and the common stressors that work against them. We amplify the results of the age-old process of aeration and seeding with state-of-the-art machinery and dedicated, detailed technicians. 

Aeration reduces stress, opens up the opportunity for unhindered growth, and wards off diseases, pests, and more! In just one visit and two efficient steps, you can change the trajectory of a stressed, declining lawn. Our services position grass to grow freely, produce beautiful color and maintain resiliency.

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Better Results from our 6 Step Tree & Shrub Care Regimen 

Your landscape requires different things throughout the year to stay healthy and protected against disease or pests. At Blades of Green, our Bowie tree care specialists are specially trained and equipped to give your tree and shrubs exactly what they need most.

  1. Early Spring: Our Bowie tree specialists apply a horticultural oil treatment before insects have the chance to hatch or mature. We apply a balanced slow-release fertilizer with micro-nutrients and iron directly to the root zone of your plants, promoting strong root development.
  2. Mid-Spring: Each plant is individually treated to protect them from spring insects (lace bugs, caterpillars, and mitts) and disease (leaf spot, scale, and rust). 
  3. Early Summer: Don't let summer insects like bagworms, mites, or beetles take over your grass! We also continue to apply nutrients to prevent lawn disease like powdery mildew, leaf spot, or scale.
  4. Late Summer: Summer is when insect and disease problems often spread quickly. Both insects and diseases are monitored and treated as needed.
  5. Fall: Our lawn experts use deep root injection to protect susceptible plants against harmful pests like emerald ash borer, hemlock wooly adelgid, and scale plus a fully-soluble fertilizer product that provides both chemical and biological fertility. Apply balanced fertilizer slow-release fertilizer to all other plants.
  6. Winter: We apply a wax coat to protect your plants from drying out in the cold and ice of the winter and harsh winds.

Expert Technicians, Unmatched Results

Our technicians understand your home is a precious commodity and your lawn is part of your home. We make sure to put you at the center of both plan creation and the treatments that follow, answering any questions you may have along the way.

Paying equal attention to your needs as well as the needs of your lawn, the quality of turf we can produce with our seven step program is unmatched in the Bowie area. Let our technicians care for your lawn like they would their own, giving it everything it needs to grow strong, green, and healthy.

Organic-Based Products

At Blades of Green, we've test every product that we use on your lawn. Every treatment is approved by the EPA and is hand-selected to improve the quality of your soil, while protecting your family, pets and children. 

To create a green lawn in Bowie you can love and enjoy, contact us today and we will get you started with a free over the phone quote and evaluation!

Keep your lawn looking beautiful with our lawn care program

Each lawn is different and that is why we offer customized lawn care programs to fit your lawns needs.

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