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True Organic Lawn Care


Specifically designed to address the needs of our clients looking for a different approach to lawn care while meeting specific county regulations, our True Organic lawn care program focuses on the biological make-up of your soil to provide proper nutrients, pH levels, and bio-stimulants

The philosophy behind our program is simple: by feeding the soil, you feed the microorganisms within the soil, which in turn feed the grass. While this process is a bit more time-intensive because it works to build up the nutrients within the soil, the results are well worth the wait. Your soil will be teeming with billions of beneficial microbes and organic nutrients—the foundation of any beautiful lawn.

Our True Organic program, currently offered to residents in Prince George's, Anne Arundel, Montgomery Counties in MD, offers three separate lawn care treatment options:

  1. Basic
  2. Recommended
  3. Fertilizer Only

All three only use family-and environmentally-friendly formulas that are geared towards organic-based and sustainable growth by improving the overall quality of your turf!

Bio stimulants
Crabgrass management
Fall liquid aeration & seeding
Ph Adjustment
Soil testing
Weed management

Most Popular

Bio stimulants
Crabgrass management
Fall liquid aeration & seeding
Ph Adjustment
Soil testing
Spring liquid aeration & seeding
Weed management

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Fall aeration & seeding
Not included...weed control
Ph Adjustment
Seasonal fertilization
Soil testing

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True Organic Liquid Aeration and Overseeding

Over time, soil can become compacted due to foot traffic, pets, and thatch buildup—this can make it hard for your grass to grow properly. The most convenient and cost-effective solution is liquid aeration, which helps to loosen compacted soil, allowing water, oxygen, and, nutrients to be absorbed by the roots of your grass. When combined with overseeding, this service can help your grass to thrive!

Some of the benefits of aeration and overseeding include: 

  • Thicker, healthier grass with a better-established root system
  • A reduced chance of lawn disease
  • Less thin and bald areas throughout your turf
  • Reduced thatch build-up
  • Relieved soil compaction
  • Minimized water runoff and puddling

Signs Your Yard Needs to be Aerated

Your lawn may be compacted if you’ve noticed any of these signs on the lawn. 

  • Pooling Water
  • Water running off of higher areas quickly
  • Bare areas where grass will not grow
  • Trees with shallow roots
  • Thin areas of grass

Weed Control with True Organic

We believe that the best defense is a good offense. That's why our True Organic program combines a number of techniques to ensure that your lawn stays free of weeds, including:

  • Controlling the nutrient levels in the soil to make it unfavorable for most weeds to grow.
  • Ensuring proper lawn maintenance like mowing, watering, and seeding.
  • Performing aeration and seeding services, as bare or thin areas of the lawn are perfect spots for weeds to grow.
  • Applying Fiesta™ Weed Control to spot treat most broadleaf weeds in the spring and fall.


Organic Lawn Care Customized to Your Needs

With more than 30 years of local experience, our team of local lawn care technicians works with you to create a tailored treatment plan to bring out your turf’s full potential. Using some of the safest, organic-based lawn treatment products on the market, we strive to give you the healthy, green grass you've been hoping for while ensuring the safety of your family, pets, and children. 



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True Organic Service Area

We currently offer our True Organic program to residents in Prince George's, Anne Arundel, and Montgomery Counties.


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