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Help Your Landscape Thrive With Tree & Shrub Care

For your landscape to reach its full potential, it must be cared for, from the soil all the way up to the tips of your trees. That’s why we offer tree and shrub care services in Northern Virginia and Maryland to make sure they are protected from pests or disease, and nourished to their optimum health.

Tree & Shrub Care in Maryland & Northern Virginia

Your yard has unique needs, as does every tree and shrub species in the Northern Virginia and Maryland area. Our plans begin with a phone call to discuss the needs of your trees and shrubs. From there, we will come to your home for a consultation to determine the specifics of the types of trees and shrubs in your yard. This serves as the basis for our certified technicians to formulate your unique care plan and to provide a quote on the spot. On that very same trip, we will perform the first treatment!

Tailored Treatments From Knowledgeable Specialists

We understand trees and shrubs greatly increase the overall beauty of your property and its value. Much like turf, the wide variety of Northern Virginia and Maryland trees and shrubs require nutrients, protection, and frequent attention to thrive. Using extensive knowledge of the needs and risks threatening each tree and shrub under 25 feet in the Maryland and Northern Virginia area, our specialists will determine the necessary treatments to help your trees and shrubs thrive. 

Get One Tree & Shrub Treatment for Free

Our Tree and Shrub Care Program includes:

  • Oil treatment to prevent insects 
  • Slow release fertilizer application for root development and foliage growth
  • Prevention against the most common harmful insects and tree diseases
  • Tailored nutrient application based on your shrub’s individual needs
  • Root injection to plants at risk for pests 
  • Selective fertilization applications, unique to ornamental trees and shrubs
  • Wax coat application to prevent damage from ice, wind, and freezing temperatures

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Bundle & Save

Did you know we have multiple, full-service lawn care packages to address all your concerns? If you need more than just tree & shrub care, check out our packages below to bundle additional services and save money!

Blue Shield for the Basic Package


Most Popular

Get the fertilizer, grub control, pH adjustment, and weed control your lawn needs at exactly the right time with our basic lawn care package! Price varies based on lawn size.

*Please click here to see our True Organic Lawn Care Program offering available in Montgomery County, MD*

Yellow Shield for the Preferred Package


Most Popular

Keep your lawn vibrant & healthy with everything our basic program has to offer - plus core aeration and seeding with starter fertilizer! Price varies based on lawn size.

*Please click here to see our True Organic Lawn Care Program offering available in Montgomery County, MD*

Green Shield for the Premium Package


Most Popular

Our premium package includes everything in our preferred package, as well as core aeration, power seeding, disease control, & nutsedge control to take your lawn to the next level. Price varies based on lawn size.

*Please click here to see our True Organic Lawn Care Program offering available in Montgomery County, MD*

Our Service Area

Our experts proudly provide tree and shrub care in Northern Virginia and Maryland. If you have any questions on if we service your area, view our Areas We Service page and check out our service area map! Our service area includes:

We personalize this program to the specific needs of your plants and will make any necessary adjustments to ensure your satisfaction. Contact us today to get started with a personalized plan that will help your trees and shrubs flourish!

Our customized 6-step tree & shrub care program will keep your landscape healthy and beautiful.

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