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Save 50% on Your First Mosquito Control Treatment

Imagine enjoying your yard without the bites, pets without the itching, and parties without the swatting. It is our goal to make sure your yard is protected against pests with our mosquito, flea, and tick control services in Maryland and Northern Virginia.

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Mosquito, Flea & Tick Control in Maryland & Northern Virginia

The long warm season in Maryland and Virginia provides conditions for the spring, summer, and fall breeding of mosquitoes, fleas, and ticks. Our staff Associate Certified Entomologist developed our signature 5 Point Mosquito, Flea, and Tick Protection Plan to quickly exterminate and repel existing pest populations. Along with targeting reproductive habitats, we can provide both short and long-term protection.

Enjoy a pest-free free summer with our proven program!

  • We thoroughly inspect your property to identify mosquito, flea, and tick harborage areas and make recommendations on how you can reduce favorable breeding grounds.
  • We apply a larvicide to areas prone to harbor mosquito eggs to prevent them from reaching adulthood.
  • Your property is treated with specialized equipment that penetrates deep into mosquito, flea, and tick habitats, such as bushes, shrubs, and under decks. We come back to service your home every 21 to 30 days during peak periods to maintain optimal protection.
  • We include in the application a liquid Insect Growth Regulator that disrupts their life cycle at every controllable stage.
  • We also add a special sticking agent to make our products last longer in poor conditions.

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EPA Certified Products You Can Trust

The products we use to eliminate favorable breeding conditions for mosquitoes, fleas, and ticks are EPA certified and used only where necessary. We know how important it is to you to keep your family safe. Our highly targeted treatments are applied only where necessary, by experts who take care to keep it out of reach of curious children and pets.

Looking for a mosquito treatment service that’s more natural? At B.O.G., we also offer a greener alternative to keep your property free of mosquitoes, fleas, and ticks. These products have been proven to be a natural, yet effective alternative for deterring mosquitoes. Our green solutions contain a patented blend of botanical oils offering the safest method of control for children and pests! Contact us for more information on our green alternatives!

Special Event Mosquito Control Services

To guarantee your outdoor area will be as mosquito-free as possible for that special occasion - be it a wedding, family barbecue, pool party, or graduation event - an area-specific, timely mosquito treatment by a professional is ideal. This service includes treatment within 24-48 hours of your special event with an effective, odor-free product.

Don’t let mosquitoes come to a party they weren’t invited to – let us manage them with our Special Event Mosquito control service.

Flea & Tick Control Services from Local Experts

As a family-owned business, we know the importance of protecting your loved ones. We take pride in providing quality flea and tick control services in Maryland and Northern Virginia that surpass our competitors. Unlike the competition, we target the fleas, and ticks at every controllable stage of their life cycle.

Our 5 Point Program provides long-term results, even in rainy weather conditions! We pride ourselves on offering one of the most comprehensive programs in the industry to help you have a pest-free backyard all season. We stand behind our program, which means you'll get free retreatments in between scheduled visits should you ever need it.


Flea Control

Fleas may be minuscule, but they can have a big impact on your comfort. From larvae to adult, our team is highly skilled at identifying and eliminating fleas in all stages of the life cycle from your home. 

We start by identifying your infestation and inspecting all the affected areas of your home. Then, our flea exterminators will create a treatment plan to fit your needs. Unlike traditional insecticides or DIY flea bombs, our flea extermination service is designed to reach open spaces and sheltered areas inside and outside your home. We'll treat areas in your yard where fleas are likely to hibernate and lay their eggs, stopping fleas before they can hatch and attach to your pets. You can rest assured knowing that your services are family-friendly and come with a satisfaction guarantee!

Tick Control

Ticks provide a threat to your family and pets, especially during the summer months. The black-legged tick is prevalent in the Northeast, and ticks carrying Lyme disease have been reported in every county within the state of Maryland. 

At B.O.G. Pest Control, our tick exterminators in Maryland are highly trained to identify areas in and around your home where ticks might be hiding. We will work to get rid of ticks by using highly targeted chemical treatments to create a barrier around trees, ornamentals, and your landscaping. Keep your family and pets safe all summer long with our highly effective tick control programs.


When you choose our program we will: 

  • Inspect your property to identify potential breeding grounds and make recommendations to reduce them
  • Apply treatment to areas where water collects to keep fleas and ticks from hatching
  • Treat your property with specialized liquid applications to repel mosquito and tick populations 
  • Disrupt the life cycle of these pests with the application of a liquid Insect Growth Regulator 
  • Ensure that our products will keep you protected all season long with formulas designed to withstand heat and rain. 
  • Stop ticks and fleas before they become a problem! Contact us now for an immediate free consultation.

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Need more than mosquito, flea & tick protection?

Blades of Green not only wards off mosquitos - we have full-service lawn care programs no matter what your lawn needs. Our lawn care experts devise a plan specific to your lawn and its problem areas. Check out our most popular plans below!

Blue Shield for the Basic Package


Most Popular

Get the fertilizer, grub control, pH adjustment, and weed control your lawn needs at exactly the right time with our basic lawn care package! Price varies based on lawn size.

Yellow Shield for the Preferred Package


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Keep your lawn vibrant & healthy with everything our basic program has to offer - plus core aeration and seeding with starter fertilizer! Price varies based on lawn size.

Green Shield for the Premium Package


Most Popular

Our premium package includes everything in our preferred package, as well as core aeration, power seeding, disease control, & nutsedge control to take your lawn to the next level. Price varies based on lawn size.

Mosquito Control Services in Maryland and Northern Virginia

Whether you're looking for protection from mosquitoes, ticks, fleas, or all of them, Blades of Green has your property covered! We proudly offer our services throughout Maryland and Northern Virginia, including:

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Did you know Blades of Green is also a full-service pest control company? If you're looking to protect more than just your lawn, explore our pest, termite, and mosquito control package on our pest control website! Make sure your home is pest-free, inside and out. Call today for a free quote!

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