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Get Rid of Destructive Moles & Voles - Save $50

The damage that moles and voles can cause to your lawn, trees, and shrubs doesn’t have to continue. With proper, personalized treatments from our experienced mole exterminators, you can rid your lawn of these rodents and the unsightly mounds and tunnels they create around your property. Save $50 on your first treatment today!

Vole & Mole Control in Maryland & Northern Virginia

We understand every mole or vole infestation requires a unique treatment approach to ensure elimination - that is why we always begin treatment with a detailed inspection of your property. Your mole/vole control program will then be customized to address the specific infestation your home is facing, and our exterminators will be able to answer all questions you have about moles and voles.

Mole Control

Our mole control in the Maryland and Virginia area is a three-pronged approach that includes baits and traps to eradicate them from your lawn, followed by maintenance visits to apply repellent treatments. Our mole exterminators begin by performing a thorough evaluation of the mole activity on your property. This allows us to identify the most effective use of baits and traps as well as positioning the treatment throughout your yard. 

Our mole control treatment includes:

  • Bait: Moles eat earthworms; that’s why we use an earthworm-shaped bait to effectively target your mole population. We use weather-resistant vole bait to monitor and control their activity.
  • Traps: Traps can be used along with bait if you have a severe mole problem.
  • Repellents: 100% natural repellents will help keep moles and voles out of your yard while keeping it healthy for your kids and pets.
  • Our Secret Weapon: Call for more details!

We care about your lawn as much as you do. That is why we offer free, unlimited service calls in between scheduled visits if the moles continue to appear after treatment. We're also giving $50 off your first treatment if you're battling moles and voles!

Redeem $50 Off a Treatment!

Vole Removal

Voles in Maryland and NOVA pose a great threat to your lawn, trees, and shrubs, gnawing and burrowing at the root systems of ornamentals and eating the stems and blades of your precious lawn. Our professional vole treatment is personalized to the level and nature of the infestation on your property. After an inspection of your landscape, our certified technicians tailor our advanced vole removal methods to your property’s specific needs. We provide three visits in the first three weeks and ongoing maintenance thereafter to control your vole problem. 

Our vole removal service includes:

  • Initial inspection and installation of vole bait stations on the first visit
  • Three bait treatments within three weeks after initial call
  • Ongoing maintenance every 30-60 days to ensure the problem does not return
  • Unlimited service calls in between scheduled visits if problems persist

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Your Family’s Safety Is Our Top Priority

Not only do we work hard to ensure you are protected against your mole or vole problem, but we take the safety of your family and pets very seriously. The natural repellent products we use are certified by the EPA, and we also have rigorous internal standards of safety. Our technicians are specially trained in applying only low-risk products in the safest way possible.

  • The mole bait systems and traps we use are placed underground, away from your children and pets.
  • All of our vole bait systems are securely locked and anchored to prevent any external tampering or interference.

Can We Service Your Home?

Whether it's moles or voles wreaking havoc on your lawn, our expert lawn care technicians have the skills to handle the situation. We proudly offer vole and mole control in Northern Virginia and Maryland, including the following cities and towns:

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Complete Control

If you're battling more than just moles & voles, consider one of our comprehensive packages to stay in control of all your lawn care issues!

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