Family-Friendly Lawn Care For Your Crownsville, MD Home

Whether you live near the Preserve at Eisenhower, Quiet Waters Park or near the Renaissance Festival our team of soil scientists and lawn professionals knows exactly what your turf needs to be the lawn in the neighborhood.

Your grass, soil condition, yard usage, and goals are unique, which is why our soil scientists will evaluate your lawn, listen to your concerns, and formulate a custom lawn care program that helps you grow a lawn you’ll love to show off!


Grow a Lawn Designed to Thrive in Crownsville, MD

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Family-and-Pet-Friendly Treatments You Can Trust

When you choose Blades of Green for lawn care in Crownsville, we can promise your grass will be greener on the other side of our treatments thanks to our premium products and formulas. All of our services are EPA-approved and administered by professional state-certified lawn technicians with years of industry experience in order to give you the safe, effective treatments you deserve.

When you team up with us for lawn care in Crownsville, you can expect the following:

  • A no-cost analysis to determine your turf’s needs.
  • A customized treatment plan based on your goals for your landscape.
  • Year-round weed control to keep your turf blemish-free.
  • Protection from pests, brown patch, and other common challenges.
  • Soil testing and treatments.
  • And more!

Lawn Aeration in Crownsville, MD

Is your grass looking dull and lifeless or balding in places? Thatch buildup is likely to blame. Thatch is a combination of dead grass and roots which condenses beneath the surface of your turf, creating a barrier that prevents water and oxygen from reaching your grass’ root system, decreasing your turf’s overall health and appearance. To correct this problem, your best bet is lawn aeration from our team at Blades of Green. This process involves removing small plugs of soil, which penetrate the surface of the thatch. When followed up by our professional lawn seeding services, aeration will help you bring your yard back to life before you know it.

Lawn Overseeding for Thicker Turf

While aeration can help revitalize a tired, worn lawn, that’s not all we can do to help you bring out the best in your turf. We follow up the aeration process with lawn seeding in order to help fill out bare batches and give you thicker, fuller grass. When paired with one of our custom fertilizer blends, our aeration and seeding service can turn your dull yard into a show-stopping landscape in no time.

We are proud to use high quality 100% weed-free seed, which comes with several benefits:

  • Increased germination and overall grass growth.
  • Better root development.
  • Less water needed for establishment.
  • Faster germination.

Mosquito Control in Crownsville, MD

Are the mosquitoes stopping you from enjoying time outside? Our Blades of Green exterminators in Crownsville have got a solution for you! We offer customized mosquito control in Crownsville, EPA-certified products, greener solutions, treatments for special outdoor events, ongoing treatments, and more! Our 5-point Mosquito Protection Plan eliminates and repels mosquito populations while also effectively stopping mosquito reproduction. With the help of our exterminators, you won’t have to hide inside anymore!

Here’s what else you can expect with our mosquito control in Crownsville:

  • A property inspection – carried out by a trained mosquito exterminator. This will help us identify where the mosquitoes are breeding and what parts of your property will need treatment.
  • Granular larvicide application – this treatment stops mosquitoes from hatching.
  • Tailored liquid treatment – repels and disrupts pest life cycle.
  • Special sticking agent – promoting long-lasting results.

We will only apply treatments where absolutely necessary! Our targeted Crownsville mosquito control will provide quick relief and eradication. Get in touch with us today to invest get rid of your mosquito troubles.

Thick, lush grass is just a click away

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Clients Love Us - No, Seriously… they do! But don’t take our word for it.

five stars

We have been Blades of Green customers since 2005, for many different services from lawn maintenance, to sidewalk installation, to pest control, and there has never been a problem. We would highly recommend them to anyone.- Arlene M.

five stars

I signed up for this service as I quickly realized I do not have the time I thought I would to tend to the lawn. I am truly impressed with the service and quick improvement my lawn has had in the last two months! In addition to scheduled lawn care, the most recent tech De'Janae even brought my trash/recycling bins that were left at the street from trash day up to my garage during her visit. I appreciate the time and thoughtfulness I have seen thus far.- Arielle N.

five stars

Blades of Green lawn care service has been great to work with. When we moved here our front yard was nothing but weeds and now its nothing but GREEN! Every tech that comes by has been super professional and very pleasant. Any issue we have they come out and handle with their expertise however up keep like mowing and water is what we do and helps with maintaining. Would definitely recommend them to anyone who needs help with wanting a good looking lawn to be green and healthy!- Michelle Bergstrom

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