Build a Healthier, Happier Lawn

There are plenty of green spaces to enjoy in Silver Spring - from Rock Creek Park to Sligo Creek to Acorn Park. Why not add your own backyard to that list? 

At Blades of Green, we've been offering high quality lawn care service to homeowners in Silver Spring for over 25 years. Our organic-based, family-friendly formulas pack a punch for your grass but are gentle on the environment, so you get the results you're looking for. 

Lawn Care Silver Spring

Getting a healthier, greener lawn isn't easy – we just make it look that way!

At Blades of Green, our Silver Spring lawn care experts provide exactly what your lawn needs throughout the year. Our comprehensive service offerings include lawn care and fertilization, aeration and seeding, weed control, grub control, pest control, and more! 

We begin with a free lawn analysis to better understand the current conditions of your lawn. Our technicians look at the way you use your backyard, as well as soil type and health, grass type and more, and they'll use that information to customize your lawn care program to address nutrient deficiencies and help you build a thicker, healthier lawn. 

A Lawn Care Program That Really Works

We don't believe a cookie cutter lawn care program can be efficient for every landscape. No matter which of our three proven lawn care programs is right for you, our lawn care service in Silver Spring includes:

  • Lawn Analysis & First Round Application: Why wait? Our Silver Spring lawn care experts will deliver your first treatment when they stop at your home for your lawn analysis. We'll get you one step closer to the lawn of your dreams, on day one! 

  • Lawn Fertilization: At Blades of Green, we rely on organic-based fertilizer treatments to provide your lawn with the nutrients it needs without causing harm to the surrounding ecosystem.

  • Weed Control: Our technicians are trained to eliminate even the most stubborn weeds in Silver Spring. Our preventative weed control treatments keep you ahead of the game, so your lawn will look great all year long!

  • Grub Control

  • pH Testing & Liming: Make sure your grass is healthy from root to tip! By adjusting the chemical balance of your soil, your lawn can achieve optimal results.

Family-Friendly Treatments

We aim to give you greener, healthier lawn – but we won't do that by putting the health of your family at risk. Our Silver Spring lawn care treatments use cutting edge, highly-tested products and techniques. We go above and beyond industry standards to ensure that both your lawn and your family are getting the best care. 

Our organic-based approach to lawn care in Silver Spring is designed to give you even better results than chemical-based lawn care plans, with sustainable growth so you can maintain it!

Isn’t it time you had the healthy, beautiful lawn you’ve been looking for?

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