Want Custom Lawn Care in Vienna?

If the grass is starting to look a little greener on the other side, it's time to call in help from Blades of Green! We have a proven track record of creating beautiful and healthy lawns in Vienna, Virginia that look great year after year.

With our organic lawn care products and trustworthy team of professionals, we welcome you to experience the Blades of Green difference!

Vienna Lawn Care Services

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As a homeowner, we know you want your property to look fantastic. We also know that can sometimes be a challenge. That is why our Vienna lawn care team is here and ready to turn your dreams of owning a perfectly lush and green lawn into a reality.

To begin, one of our Vienna lawn care technicians will conduct a full point inspection of your turf, from soil composition to grass color. We will then create a Vienna lawn care plan tailored specifically to the needs of your lawn, including:

  • pH soil correction
  • weed maintenance
  • fertilization
  • grub control
  • aeration & seeding
  • and more!

Proven Lawn Care Methods

We want you to enjoy your beautiful lawn without the hassle. No matter what your lawn needs to look its best, our Vienna lawn care experts are here for you.

Typically, our proven lawn care plan will include a combination of the following:

  • Lawn Evaluation: Our Vienna lawn care specialists start with an analysis of the existing conditions in your lawn. We'll take your soil type, grass species, the amount of light your lawn has access to, and conduct soil testing to ensure that we know your landscape inside and out. Then we'll provide a quote and a recommended course of action to get you the beautiful lawn you've always wanted! 
  • Multi-Treatment Fertilization: All of our treatments utilize phosphorus-free, organic-based products. We believe that organic lawn care is the best lawn care. We tailor the formulas to give your grass what it needs most to stay strong all season long. 
  • Weed Prevention & Elimination: The best defense against weeds is a stronger, healthier lawn – Healthy roots make it less likely that weeds can take over. Our Vienna lawn care experts prevent weed growth with the use of pre-emergent treatments, managing existing weeds with targeted control methods and working to keep your landscape weed-free for the long haul! 
  • pH Testing and Lime Treatment: Is your soil acidic or alkaline? Our specialists test the pH range of your soil, adjusting when necessary to promote overall lawn health. A neutral pH is essential to the overall health and wellness of your landscape, making it more likely that your grass can absorb nutrients when we apply fertilizers and minimizing the number of chemicals we need to apply to control weeds. 

Our staff really knows their grass, and each of our Blades of Green lawn service packages is tailored to local climates and seasonal challenges. What does that add up to? A healthy and beautiful lawn that is the envy of your neighborhood.

Organic Lawn Care Treatments in Vienna

We understand that the health of your kids, family, and pets comes first, so we pride ourselves on using only the most effective, organic lawn care products. Our products and techniques are rigorously tested and score well above the industry standard. We only rely on the best products on the market to improve soil quality and help you build a healthy lawn that you can enjoy year after year.

Give us a call today – your lawn will thank you!

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Each lawn is different and that is why we offer customized lawn care programs to fit your lawns needs.

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