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Tired of spending your weekends caring for your lawn? Want to start spending your free time the way you want to? Having a beautiful lawn to enjoy with your friends and family doesn’t have to be your responsibility anymore. Hand over the reins to a family-friendly lawn care in Upper Marlboro that can create the beautiful, lush lawn that you are looking for.

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Lawn Care in Upper Marlboro

We understand that you’re looking for a beautiful lawn to show off, but you also want a lawn that will be safe for your family and pets to use.  We take the safety of your family seriously, so we’ve specifically designed our lawn care in Upper Marlboro to be family friendly.

We’ve prioritized the safety of our customers and their family through a conscious decision to use organic-based, phosphorous-free products. The products we use are some of the safest in the industry and actually work to improve the overall quality of the soil of your lawn. The products we use have been approved by the EPA and also meet our own internal standards of safety.

Results You Can Count On

We know that a beautiful, emerald green lawn is a direct result of professional care and attention to detail.  It can be tricky juggling all of these aspects, so our Upper Marlboro lawn care service is designed to take care of everything--so you don’t have to!  Our Upper Marlboro lawn care can keep your lawn healthy with a wide range of treatments to address all of your concerns.

  • Multi-treatment fertilization using phosphorous-free, organic-based products that help provide your lawn with the nutrients it needs.
  • Weed control that takes care of the weeds already present in your lawn, and that prevents their future growth with pre-emergent treatments.
  • Grub control that detects these bugs early on and properly treats your lawn to prevent these bugs from destroying your lawn’s root systems and grass.
  • Proper pH testing and lime treatments to help your lawn properly absorb the nutrients it will receive from our fertilization treatments.

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Get A Thick, Green Lawn Today!

Are you suffering from a thin, patchy lawn that needs professional help?  Leave it to the experts at Blades of Green to kickstart the rejuvenation of your lawn with our aeration and seeding services in Upper Marlboro!  Over time, your lawn is compressed by general use, which results in a layer of thatch that makes it hard for essential nutrients to reach the roots of your grass.  To combat this, we allow your lawn to breathe by implementing our aeration services.  Aeration in Upper Marlboro works by pulling small pieces of soil out of your lawn to break up the thatch build up, which ultimately allows your grass to receive proper nutrients in order to grow effectively.  Once the Upper Marlboro aeration process is complete, our experts will give your grass the opportunity to grow to its maximum potential by seeding your lawn and establishing a new, stronger root system.

Fast And Effective Solutions

Here at Blades of Green, we understand that you want to see results quickly.  In just one visit, your lawn will be aerated, seeded, and on it’s way to looking thick and lush in no time!  If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to our friendly technicians who can offer professional advice at all times.  Our main goal is to leave you happy, satisfied, and with a pristine lawn to enjoy with the whole family!

Bring Your Trees And Shrubs Back To Life

Here at Blades of Green, we understand that trees and shrubs are an important factor in the overall appeal of your yard.  In order for your landscape to reach its maximum potential, trees and shrubs must be attended to frequently to ensure they’re receiving proper nutrients and protected from pests and disease.  If you are having trouble fitting lawn care in with your busy schedule—don’t worry! We offer professional tree and shrub care in Upper Marlboro. We will handle everything from the initial inspection of your yard to the proper care of your trees and shrubs.  Trust in Blades of Green to enhance your landscape with our tree and shrub care in Upper Marlboro!

Expert Care By Professional Technicians

Our professionally trained technicians have the knowledge and experience necessary to turn your yard into a thriving space for your whole family to enjoy.  Our Upper Marlboro tree and shrub care starts with an initial inspection conducted by one of our technicians. They will survey your property and develop a treatment plan specifically targeted for the unique needs of every tree and shrub.  At Blades of Green, we use high-quality products and proven techniques to tailor to the care of your trees and shrubs. When you partner with Blades of Green, our thorough treatment procedures will include:

  • Insect and disease prevention treatments.
  • Fertilizer application to promote root development and growth.
  • Wax coat application to protect against winter weather.
  • Nutrient care to help ornamentals grow.

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