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It’s no secret that maintaining a beautiful lawn can be difficult and time consuming, especially with the unique challenges of the climate, weeds, and pests in the Potomac area. If the care and effort you’re putting into your Potomac lawn care is overwhelming, or if you’re simply ready to see results with minimal effort, a professional program that’s tailored to both the seasonal needs of the Potomac area and the unique condition of your lawn will produce results to make your neighbors green with envy. At Blades of Green, we offer lawn care solutions that are all those things and more!

Lawn Care Program Potomac

While the general issues for Potomac homeowners are similar, the problems facing every lawn are unique. Whether it’s an abundance of crabgrass, brown patches that appear year after year, thinning turf, or other issues, our science-driven treatments will defeat the problem. 

With more than 25 years of experience clearing a variety of hurdles to create beautiful lawns for thousands of homeowners, we have the skill and proven techniques to produce your best lawn yet. Our Potomac lawn program is personalized for you and begins with an analysis or your lawn’s specific needs. We then take this information to create a tailored plan for our proven, seven-step lawn care method to help your yard thrive.

Bay-Friendly Lawn Care Products in Potomac

Our custom treatment plans aren’t just effective, they are some of the safest lawn care products in existence to protect your family, pets, children, and the soil conditions of your Maryland lawn. Every product we use is carefully selected to meet our high safety standards while still being effective for your lawn. 

Revitalize Your Grass with Aeration Services

Aeration and seeding is a two-step process to transform worn, damaged lawns into ready-to-grow green and healthy grass. It relieves compacted soil from the foot traffic, heat, and thatch of the warm season. Our Potomac aeration experts will first carefully remove small plugs of soil from your lawn, opening it up to breathe and receive the full benefits of fertilizer, water, and oxygen. We then scatter quality seed, which produces a strong root system and thicker grass.

Without proper relief, the signs of stress begin to show in your lawn. If your grass has more brown patches than normal or if it seems fragile, an aeration and seeding service can greatly help. Blades of Green’s aeration and seeding service in Potomac is the fastest way to loosen compaction, remove thatch, and bring life and color back to your lawn.

Get a Lawn You Can Be Proud Of

If you’ve been wondering how to keep up a manicured, healthy lawn and still leave room for family, work, and play, we’ve got the solution: a professional, personalized lawn care service. Lawn care in Potomac takes significant amounts of time, knowledge, and research to show lasting results. We care about your lawn and family as much as you do, but we want you to devote your time to the latter. Our services give your Potomac yard the attention it needs to become something you’re proud of, and grant you the freedom to spend your time on what matters most!

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Each lawn is different and that is why we offer customized lawn care programs to fit your lawns needs.

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