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Award-Winning Lawn Care Services in Odenton

The grass doesn’t have to be greener on the other side. If you’re in need of a beautiful lawn, but don’t have the time, energy, or expertise to achieve it, look no further. With Blades of Green, you’ll have the benefit of working with technicians who are highly trained to provide the best eco-friendly lawn care in Odenton.

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We're a locally-owned, family business that’s been serving Maryland and Northern Virginia for over three decades. We love this area and always provide exceptional service.

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We provide exceptional lawn care in Maryland and Northern Virginia with excellent customer service, but don't just take our word for it! We have the loyal customers to prove it.

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The safety of your family and the environment is our top priority. The products we use are organic-based, EPA approved, and thoroughly tested before we let them near your family.

Lawn Care in Odenton

At Blades of Green, we pride ourselves on providing dependable lawn care in Odenton based on the latest science and technology. Our affordable treatments employ high-quality, phosphorus-free organic-based products which support your lawn’s health without damaging local ecosystems or wildlife. Our EPA-approved lawn treatments will take your turf from drab to fabulous in no time!

When you choose us for lawn care in Odenton, you’ll receive the following:

  • A FREE analysis to determine your lawn’s unique needs.
  • An initial foundational treatment on our first visit to start improving your grass right away!
  • Lawn fertilization with customized fertilizer blends.
  • Organic-based, family-and-pet-friendly products and formulas.
  • Grub treatment and prevention and weed control.
  • Soil adjustment to keep your lawn healthy from the ground-up.
  • And more!

Customized Lawn Treatments for Greener Turf

As living organisms, lawns have unique needs. Every landscape will have different nutritional requirements and face different challenges in the form of pests, disease, fungi, and more. With Blades of Green, you’ll have the benefit of working with seasoned experts who can provide you with the customized treatments your lawn needs to meet its full potential. Our lawn care plans range from our Basic package which includes lawn fertilization, pH adjustment, and grub and weed control, to our Premium plan, which offers aeration, power seeding, and more! No matter what our lawn needs, our experts have the solution for you!

You’ll Love Your Lawn—We Guarantee It!

It’s time to stop wasting your time with DIY lawn care. Store-bought treatments often come with limited instructions, making it easy to accidentally over-apply fertilizers and weed treatment, putting both your health and your lawn at risk. With Blades of Green, you’ll have the security of knowing that all of our lawn technicians are highly trained to administer safe and effective treatments. Even better, our work comes with our 100% satisfaction guarantee: if you experience any problems between treatments, all you have to do is call us for a free follow-up! We’re just that dedicated to making sure our treatments are the final answer to all your lawn care needs.

Lawn Aeration and Seeding in Odenton

If your turf is dull and dry, it might be time to invest in lawn aeration. Over time and with continued use, foot traffic, drought, and other factors, your lawn will build up a thick layer of dead grass and roots known as thatch. Thatch prevents water, oxygen, and other nutrients from reaching your lawn’s root system, which will eventually impact your turf’s overall health and appearance. By removing small plugs of soil from the lawn, aeration allows the roots access to the nutrients they need. Our technicians follow up aeration with lawn seeding, which fills out your turf overall, helping to thicken and fortify it against the elements. Together, aeration and seeding will help your lawn become strong and healthy in no time.

Liquid and Core Aeration for a Healthy Lawn

Our team offers several different approaches to our aeration service. Core aeration is the standard treatment, and it creates small holes in the thatch and soil to aerate the turf. For particularly intense thatch build-up, the alternative approach, liquid aeration, offers the following additional benefits:

  • Bioactives soils for a healthier lawn.
  • More thoroughly reduces soil compaction and thatch.
  • Increases numbers of various groups of beneficial microorganisms.   
  • Improves seed germination for more effective overseeding.
  • Helps reduce water use by increasing water absorption.
  • Makes turf more drought-resistant.

Mosquito Control in Odenton

There’s no bigger annoyance when you're outside than being pestered by mosquitoes. Don’t let them ruin your time outside! Let the professionals at Blades of Green not only take care of the issue but prevent it from occurring again in the future.

Our mosquito control in Odenton is designed to obliterate existing mosquito populations on your property. Our technicians also inspect the area for potential breeding sites. This includes areas of standing water such as:

  • Gutters
  • Birdbaths
  • Water features
  • Containers

Next, seven monthly treatments will be administered through the months of April to October to ensure that your property stays mosquito-free throughout the year. To protect you and the environment, we use EPA-certified products that are guaranteed to eliminate favorable mosquito breeding conditions on your property.

Work with our State-Certified Experts

Lawn care can be complicated. No two lawns are alike, and season factors, severe weather, pests, and countless other challenges can make it difficult to keep your turf looking its best. That’s where our team at Blades of Green comes in. Our state-certified lawn technicians have extensive experience conquering a variety of lawn care challenges, so they’re equipped to handle anything with ease. 

Ready to have the lawn of your dreams? 


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Save Some Green!

We know that choosing a pest control service is an important decision. Let us make it easy for you to get started with us with these exclusive special offers!

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2 Free!

Receive 2 free services when you sign up for our Preferred Lawn Care Package.

July 31, 2021


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