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Searching for an Organic-Based Lawn Care Expert in Oakton?

Our team of lawn care professionals in Oakton, Virginia is here to take the hassle out of your hands. We've built the Blades of Green name on offering the highest quality in lawn care and customer service. Get the landscape you've always wanted with help from our team!

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We're a locally-owned, family business that’s been serving Maryland and Northern Virginia for over three decades. We love this area and always provide exceptional service.

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Award Winning

We provide exceptional lawn care in Maryland and Northern Virginia with excellent customer service, but don't just take our word for it! We have the loyal customers to prove it.

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The safety of your family and the environment is our top priority. The products we use are organic-based, EPA approved, and thoroughly tested before we let them near your family.

Organic-Based Lawn Care Program in Oakton

Most homeowners are familiar with the endless summer battle to keep their grass vibrant, green, and healthy. Our organic-based lawn care programs are designed to keep your turf looking wonderful - not just through the summer months, but all year long. Our approach is scientifically based and customized to the soil and climate of Virginia to give your yard exactly what it needs when it needs it most. 

Lawn Care in Oakton

The best kind of lawn care program is one that is tailored to your exact landscape! Our experts start with an on-site evaluation of your soil and turf, customizing your treatment plan to fit your unique needs.

Our organic-based lawn care services in Oakton include:

  • First Round Application: Why wait? When one of our experts arrives to perform an on-site evaluation of your landscape, we'll take care of your first treatment on the same day!
  • Lawn Fertilization: We use high-quality, organic-based products to give your turf the nutrition it needs to really thrive.
  • Weed Maintenance: Not only are our highly trained experts at eliminating current weed populations from your yard; they also know how to prevent them from returning. 
  • pH Testing & Liming: The foundation of a healthy lawn is healthy soil. Our team conducts testing and corrects the pH balance of your soil to create the ideal growing conditions for your grassroots. 
  • Other Services: For the additional fee, Blades of Green also offers aeration and seeding, and tree & shrub care. 

What's more - our products are organic-based, phosphorus-free, and EPA-approved! We're also Quality Pro certified - a status granted by the National Pest Management Association to only 2% of pest control companies - which means our practices exceed federal and state regulations. 

Tree and Shrub Care in Oakton

For your lawn to reach its full potential, your trees and shrubs need to be cared for. At Blades of Green, our tree and shrub care in Oakton covers seasonal treatments that will keep your shrubs and trees protected all year long. You can expect the following seasonal treatments: 

  • Early spring: oil treatment to prevent insects and slow-release fertilizer application
  • Mid-spring, early-summer, late-summer: insect and disease prevention treatment and tailored nutrient application on shrubs
  • Fall: root injection to plants at risk of pests and selective fertilizer application
  • Winter: wax coat application to protect against wind, ice, and freezing temperatures

Mosquito Control in Oakton

Summer vacation is a lot less enjoyable when swarms of mosquitoes have trapped you indoors and prevented you from enjoying some warm sunshine. Our mosquito control treatments will control populations of adult mosquitoes from your backyard and prevent a resurgence by obliterating breeding grounds before more can hatch. 

Our mosquito control in Oakton is designed to provide relief all summer long, including: 

  • Initial treatment and inspection around the perimeter of your home to identify breeding grounds around your property.
  • Seven treatments that take place every 3-4 weeks during mosquito season (April through October).
  • Highly effective products to eliminate populations and their larvae.
  • EPA-certified products to drastically reduce mosquito populations without putting your family, pets, and the environment in harm's way.

Hassle-Free Treatments

At Blades of Green, we work hard to treat every customer like a part of our family. We know that receiving personalized attention and answers to your questions is important – nearly as important as getting the healthy lawn and results you desire.

We are top-rated in Maryland and Virginia – and we didn't get that far by cutting corners. All of our technicians are certified and receive ongoing training to make sure they're up-to-date on the most effective lawn care practices in the industry. We're also known for our attention to customer service, doing whatever we can to exceed your expectations. If you have questions or concerns during your treatment process, any of our staff members will be happy to help! 

Are you ready to get the yard you deserve?

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Save Some Green!

We know that choosing a pest control service is an important decision. Let us make it easy for you to get started with us with these exclusive special offers!

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2 Free!

Receive 2 free services when you sign up for our Preferred Lawn Care Package.

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