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Looking for Personalized Lawn Services in McLean?

Our McLean lawn care program is founded on quality. We start with the most effective products, applied by the most skilled, highly-trained lawn care professionals. What’s more - the products we use are organic-based, family-friendly, and gentle on the environment.

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We're a locally-owned, family business that’s been serving Maryland and Northern Virginia for over three decades. We love this area and always provide exceptional service.

Award Winning

We provide exceptional lawn care in Maryland and Northern Virginia with excellent customer service, but don't just take our word for it! We have the loyal customers to prove it.


The safety of your family and the environment is our top priority. The products we use are organic-based, EPA approved, and thoroughly tested before we let them near your family.

Organic-Based Lawn Care Program in McLean

Our McLean lawn services begin with a comprehensive analysis of your lawn. Our lawn care technicians use this information to tailor our program to the exact needs of your landscape - nurturing your soil and grass to optimal health all year long.

We offer fertilization, weed elimination, weed prevention, soil testing, pH adjustment. Our team will design your organic-based lawn care program to give your lawn what it needs most!

When you sign up for one of our three proven lawn care programs, you’ll get a lawn that will make you the envy of the neighborhood.

Organic-Based Lawn Care in McLean

We know that creating a healthy lawn is no easy task. That’s why our expert lawn care technicians in McLean customize your lawn care program to meet the specific needs of your turf. We’re so confident that our organic-based lawn care will produce results that we guarantee it!

Our lawn care services in McLean include:

  • Lawn Analysis & First Round Application: Our first visit to your property consists of a full analysis of your lawn health, so our team knows exactly what your lawn needs to achieve the results you want.
  • Lawn Fertilization: At Blades of Green, we use organic-based fertilizer treatments to provide your lawn with the nutrients it needs without causing harm to the surrounding ecosystem.
  • Weed Control: Our technicians are specially trained to eliminate the most common weeds in McLean. We also help you stay ahead of the game by applying preventative weed control treatments, so your lawn will look great all year long!
  • Grub Control
  • pH Testing & Liming: Make sure your grass is healthy from root to tip! By adjusting the chemical balance of your soil, your lawn can achieve optimal results.

We know that for your lawn to reach the fullest potential, it must be cared for from the soil all the way up to the tip of the trees and that is why we also offer aeration and seeding in addition to tree and shrub care


Mole & Vole Control in McLean

Moles and voles are small mammals that are capable of ruining your landscaping, and undoing all your hard yard work. They can tear up tree roots, disrupt flowerbeds, and damage your lawn’s root system, causing it to thin and brown. If you want to protect your lawn, trust Blade of Green’s expert mole and vole control here in McLean. We use family-friendly products that help preserve your lawn -- not damage it further.

The Best Mole Control in McLean

Our mole control in McLean combines three effective treatment techniques to get rid of moles in your yard. After performing a thorough inspection, one of our experts will treat your lawn with:

  • Bait: We use earthworm-shaped bait to trick moles in your yard, effectively getting rid of them.
  • Traps: For severe mole problems, we employ traps in addition to bait.
  • Repellents: Our 100% natural repellents help get rid of moles in your yard and are safe for your kids and pets.


We Also Get Rid of Voles Fast

To provide you with the most efficient vole control in McLean, we customize our treatment based on the severity of your problem and exactly where voles are burrowing in your yard. With our lawn care experts on your side, you can expect:

  • An initial inspection of your yard to determine the extent of the infestation. 
  • Installation of vole bait stations during our initial visit to help get rid of voles faster.
  • Three bait treatments within the first three weeks after we start service.
  • Follow-up visits every 30-60 days to keep an eye out for returning voles.

Get $50 Off Your First Treatment

Here at Blades of Green, we’re dedicated to helping you save money—that’s why we proudly offer special deals to all of our customers. When you sign up for our mole control and vole control in McLean today, you can save $50 on your first treatment and get rid of those pesky moles and voles in your yard.


Family Friendly Treatments

While our goal is to give you the green, healthy lawn you’ve always dreamed of - our top priority is protecting the health of your family. All of our lawn care treatments, products and techniques are highly tested to exceed industry standards. We have designed our lawn care programs in McLean to bring you comfort and assurance, whether you’re an environmentally conscious consumer or just looking to protect your family and pets!

Our professional lawn care technicians in McLean work hard to provide an organic-based, EPA-approved lawn care plan that gives you even better results than chemical-based lawn care plans.

Get started on a beautiful lawn today!


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We know that choosing a lawn care service is an important decision. Let us make it easy for you to get started with us with these exclusive special offers!

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Save Some Green!

We know that choosing a pest control service is an important decision. Let us make it easy for you to get started with us with these exclusive special offers!

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2 Free!

Receive 2 free services when you sign up for our Preferred Lawn Care Package.

April 30, 2021


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