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Have The Best Organic Lawn in Lorton!

At the end of a long day, you deserve to be welcomed by a luscious, green lawn you can feel good about owning. With so many other priorities on your to-do list, it can be difficult to take the time needed to achieve such results on your own. That’s why Blades of Green is your one-stop-shop for all your Lorton lawn care needs.

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We're a locally-owned, family business that’s been serving Maryland and Northern Virginia for over three decades. We love this area and always provide exceptional service.

Award Winning

We provide exceptional lawn care in Maryland and Northern Virginia with excellent customer service, but don't just take our word for it! We have the loyal customers to prove it.


The safety of your family and the environment is our top priority. The products we use are organic-based, EPA approved, and thoroughly tested before we let them near your family.

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Organic-Based Lawn Care Program in Lorton

Here in Northern Virginia, our diverse climate can often take a toll on the health of our lawns. Hot and dry summers followed by frigid winters makes it difficult to predict what your yard needs to consistently thrive throughout the year. Luckily, we’ve spent the past 25 years developing our proven 7-step lawn care program so that you can sit back and relax knowing your lawn is getting the high-quality service it deserves!

Organic-Based Lawn Care Program in Lorton

Our carefully designed approach works to address what your lawn needs most at each point of the season, and is tailored to reflect the unique needs of your Lorton lawn.

Our organic-based lawn care services in Lorton include:

  • Lawn Fertilization
  • Weed control
  • Grub control
  • Stress fortification
  • pH monitoring and adjustment
  • and more!

When it comes to proper organic-based lawn care in Lorton, there’s no such thing as one-size-fits-all. That’s why when you team up with Blades of Green, we begin each service with a phone call to learn more about your property and ultimate lawn care goals. We then provide you with a free lawn analysis in order to evaluate your soil, allow you to voice your concerns, and compile each of these components to design your custom treatment plan.

What’s more, we’ll even go ahead and treat your lawn with the initial treatment plan step so that you’re already one step closer to achieving the landscape of your dreams! When it comes to something as important as maintaining your property, why rely on anyone other than the best?   

Aeration and Seeding in Lorton

Our aeration and seeding services in Lorton are a key component in providing your lawn with the nutrients it needs to reach its full potential. This often overlooked process allows your lawn to fully flourish by enhancing its ability to absorb oxygen, water, and fertilizer. Our trained Lorton lawn care experts use machinery to meticulously pull small plugs of soil evenly spaced throughout your lawn. Aeration in Lorton helps to reduce the thatch build up which accumulates on the top layer of your soil throughout the year and opens up the opportunity for unhindered growth.

Once this process is completed, we take advantage of your lawns unspoiled permeability by topping it off with fresh seeding. Seeding in Lorton allows your grass to establish a stronger root system, enhancing its thickness and viability. Other benefits of Lorton aeration and seeding include:

  • A noticeably fuller and greener lawn.
  • Reduced appearance of patches and bare spots.
  • Increased tolerance to heat and drought stress.
  • Reduced runoff and soil compaction.
  • Natural prevention of weeds and disease.
  • And more!

Why wait to help your lawn have everything it needs to thrive throughout the year? Fall is the optimal time to ensure your soil is able to receive the maximum benefits from our aeration and seeding services. While no lawn care program is complete without this step, lucky for you - our technicians will have your yard both aerated and seeded after just one visit. Combined with our total lawn care program, your landscape will have everything it needs to flourish no matter what the weather in Lorton brings! 

Tree and Shrub Care in Lorton

When it comes to maintaining the health of your landscape, achieving the results you desire can often be difficult without having to extensively study your property and the individual needs of your trees and shrubs. Why waste time struggling in your yard alone when you can rely on our expert technicians to treat and protect your landscape throughout each season? Here at Blades of Green, we’ve spent decades perfecting our tree and shrub care in Lorton so that you can enjoy a bountiful yard without having to lift a finger!

Our six-step Lorton tree and shrub care program approach:

  • Early Spring: Our tree specialists apply a horticultural oil treatment to protect your trees before insects have the chance to hatch. We then apply fertilizer with micro-nutrients to the root zone of your plants for optimal strength and development.
  • Mid-Spring: Each plant is meticulously treated for full protection of your landscape from spring insects and disease.
  • Early Summer: We work to keep summer insects like bagworms, mites, or beetles from taking over your grass. We also continue to apply tailored nutrients to your shrubs in order to prevent diseases like powdery mildew, leaf spot, or scale.
  • Late Summer: Over the summer insect and disease problems often spread quickly. Both insects and diseases are therefore monitored and treated as needed.
  • Fall: Our lawn experts apply deep root injections to protect susceptible plants against harmful pests. This also includes a fully-soluble fertilizer product that provides both chemical and biological fertility, plus the application of our slow-release fertilizer to all other plants.
  • Winter: We carefully apply a wax coating to protect your plants from drying out from exposure to ice, wind, or freezing temperatures.

Quality Service With Unmatched Results

When it comes to helping your property put its best foot forward, no one is as dedicated to getting the job done right more than our team of technicians at Blades of Green. The biggest component of our process is your satisfaction, which is why we include our customers every step of the way to ensure you’re left with a flourishing yard you can look forward to coming home to.

In addition, we believe in keeping your family, pets, and the environment safe from harmful chemicals during our entire Lorton lawn care process. That’s why every one of our lawn treatments in Lorton is approved by the EPA and hand-selected to improve the quality of your soil. You deserve a lusciously green lawn in Lorton you can enjoy showing off.

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Receive 2 free services when you sign up for our Preferred Lawn Care Package.

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