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One of the perks of being a homeowner is having a yard to share with friends and family. However, maintaining a beautiful landscape usually involves a steep commitment of weekend hours and sweat equity.

At Blades of Green, our talented team of lawn care professionals can bring you the benefits of a healthy, vibrant lawn without you having to invest your time and energy. Spend time enjoying your yard instead of working in it!

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Lawn Care Aeration & Seeding Tree & Shrub Care

Lawn Care in Herndon, VA

It shouldn't be an uphill battle to keep your lawn vibrant and green. With the help of our local lawn care professionals in Herndon, you can experience a thick and healthy lawn without any hassle.

At Blades of Green, our lawn care in Herndon is scientifically-based and customized to the soil and climate of Virginia. We implement lawn care methods that are specifically tailored for your Herndon lawn every season so that your turf is healthy no matter the season.

A Lawn Care Program That Gets Results

We kick your Herndon lawn care program off with a thorough, on-site evaluation of your soil and turf. This allows our highly trained lawn care experts to customize your treatment plan to meet the exact needs of your landscape.

Our lawn care services in Herndon include:

  • Fertilization - Our lawn care technicians in Herndon tailor each lawn fertilizer application to the unique needs of your grass and soil. We use high quality, organic-based, phosphorus-free fertilizer to give your lawn the exact blend of nutrients it needs to thrive. These formulas are strong enough to stimulate root growth and boost the vibrancy of your lawn, but gentle enough to allow your pets and children to freely explore your property.

  • Weed Control Services - It's not enough to pull existing weeds! Our team will eliminate current weed populations in your yard and prevent them from returning using highly effective control methods.

  • Soil Testing and Lime Treatment - A healthy lawn starts with healthy soil. With regular testing, our Herndon lawn care technicians can take corrective action to restore your lawn to a neutral pH range. This will also help our team better understand which nutrients need to be supplemented through fertilization treatments to achieve optimal growth.

  • Pest Treatments to Protect Your Landscape - Lawn pests are more than just pesky – they can destroy a healthy lawn. Our lawn care in Herndon spots warning signs of insect damage to your grass, quickly eliminates pest threats, and works to prevent them from resurfacing.

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Lawn Aeration Service in Herndon

Does your yard have bare or thin areas? It may be suffering from regular use and compacted soil. With the help of our aeration and seeding in Herndon, your lawn can become green and full again! Our lawn aeration experts in Herndon begin by aerating your lawn, pulling plugs of soil from the ground and allowing air to circulate through the soil again. After our lawn experts aerate your lawn, they will seed your soil so that new turf can grow. This gives your lawn the opportunity for a healthier start while naturally preventing disease and weeds.

Why Lawn Aeration & Seeding is Important

Aeration and seeding services in Herndon are necessary in order to keep a healthy lawn year-round. Without this proper care, seeds will take longer to germinate and nutrients won’t be able to easily reach roots. Take a step towards a healthier lawn today with our aeration and seeding in Herndon.

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Tree Care and Shrub Care in Herndon

Here at Blades of Green, we know that every property has a different landscape. Knowing this, we offer tree and shrub care in Herndon that is customized to your specific trees and shrubs. Our highly trained lawn technicians in Herndon will provide you with a six-step tree and shrub care program that optimizes the health of your landscape, every season. Here’s what you can expect with our Herndon tree and shrub care:

  • Early Spring - oil treatment for insect prevention and slow release fertilizer application.

  • Mid-Spring to Late Summer - insect and disease treatments and a customized nutrient application for your shrubs.

  • Fall - fertilization applications for ornamental trees and shrubs and root injection for plants at risk to pests.

  • Winter - wax coat application to prevent damages from harsh winter conditions.

With this personalized tree and shrub care in Herndon, your yard will always be under the best care for Herndon weather conditions. Put your trust in our lawn professionals today to witness your landscape flourish all year!

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Hassle-Free Lawn Care Services

At Blades of Green, we consider every customer to be a part of our family. As such, we do whatever it takes to meet and exceed your expectations. We are a top-rated and Quality Pro certified company – meaning the National Pest Management Association has recognized us for exceeding federal and state safety regulations for our Herndon lawn care.

From new industry practices to safety initiatives to application techniques for new formulas – we make continual improvements a part of the way we do business. Our goal is to provide you with the best Herndon lawn care possible while giving you the healthy lawn and results you desire.

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