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A lawn you love isn’t out of your reach. Our lawn care services in Great Falls make your dream lawn possible through highly effective and environmentally-friendly treatments, tailored to the exact needs of your landscape. Blades of Green can help you achieve the lawn of your dreams without you having to lift a finger!

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Lawn Care in Great Falls, VA

Lawn care in Great Falls is a complicated process that requires more time than most homeowners are will to commit, and more treatments than homeowners are aware. In fact, each season requires a different treatment, making it hard for homeowners to keep track of what to apply when. Lucky for you, we offer three variations of lawn care programs in Great Falls that all offer the exceptional lawn care treatments that are sure to have your lawn looking the best it ever has. All of our lawn care programs include:

  • A thorough analysis of your lawn by a certified technician.
  • Development of a unique treatment plan tailored specifically to the needs of your lawn.
  • Comprehensive treatment methods for weed elimination, pest prevention, and more.
  • A satisfaction guarantee!

Lawn Care Solutions That Work

One of the most important parts of any lawn care program is fertilization.  Our Great Falls lawn care technicians tailor fertilizer applications to the unique needs of your grass and soil condition. We use organic-based, phosphorus-free fertilizer to give your lawn the exact blend of nutrients it needs without damaging the surrounding ecosystem! These formulas are strong enough to stimulate root growth and boost the vibrancy of your lawn, but gentle enough to allow your pets and children to freely explore your backyard. Our lawn care in Great Falls may be gentle on the environment, but they pack a punch for your landscape!

It’s nearly impossible to have a healthy lawn without starting on a foundation of healthy soil. That is why our Great Falls lawn care technicians conduct soil testing and take actions to restore any missing nutrients and maintain your lawn at a healthy pH range. Grubs and other lawn pests can also be detrimental to the health of your lawn, but not to worry. Our lawn care technicians in Great Falls are experts at detecting the warning signs of insect damage to your lawn and will work with you to eliminate pest threats and prevent them from resurfacing.

Guaranteed Services From Local Lawn Care Experts

At Blades of Green, we strive to give you the same quality of lawn care that we’d use in our own backyards. Our local lawn care specialists have undergone rigorous certification and ongoing training, giving them the tools and knowledge to unleash your lawn’s full potential. We use a science-based appraoch to lawn care in Great Falls, customized to the exact climate and soil composition common in your area. We're confident that you’ll be satisfied with your results – but if, for whatever reason, you are not, we will happily return to your home and make it right.

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Lawn Aeration Great Falls

When dead grass and roots combine into a thick layer of thatch on top of your living grass, the roots below the surface suffer. This layer cuts roots off from their supply of necessary elements like nutrients, oxygen, and water resulting in dead and brown patches covering your lawn. However, your lawn does not have to struggle to survive in this unfortunate fate! Instead, let us help you by providing aeration and seeding services to your lawn. Our aeration in Great Falls will help you obtain a fuller, healthier and greener lawn in no time.

A Fast and Effective Treatment Process

Aeration and seeding services in Great Falls begins with a one-on-one phone consultation to explain what goes into the treatment process and evaluate your particular needs. Then, in just one visit we will aerate and seed your lawn. Aeration pulls up small plugs of soil across your lawn, creating small holes allowing nutrients the opportunity to reach down to the deep roots. It also sets up optimal conditions for seed germination. By seeding your lawn directly after aeration, seeds are able to develop themselves into a deep and well-established root system that will transform into a new, thick layer of turf. Aeration and seeding in Great Falls is a vital part in achieving and maintaining a healthy lawn that lasts.

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Tree and Shrub Care in Great Falls

Even after you’ve obtained a vibrant, green lawn, your perennials have the ability to take away from the overall appearance of your landscape. Your trees and shrubs require a great deal of attention, nutrients, and protection which can be a lot to keep track of as a homeowner. That’s why our tree and shrub care in Great Falls is the best option for you. We have extensive knowledge and experience so you can trust your trees and shrubs are in the most qualified hands possible. Upon discussing the needs of your trees and shrubs with you over the phone, our technicians can begin developing a treatment plan. When we come to your home for a consultation, will provide a quote and perform the first treatment that same day.

A Six-Step Approach to Tree and Shrub Care

If you’ve relied on one-and-done DIY treatments in the past, you know that they do not get the job done. That is because just as your lawn needs different nutrients at different times of the year, your trees and shrubs also require seasonally targeted treatments. When you sign on to our tree and shrub care in Great Falls you can expect one of our expert technicians to treat your home six times throughout the year – early spring to winter. Treatments included in our Great Falls tree and shrub care are:

  • Insect and disease prevention
  • Root injection to at-risk plants
  • Nutrient application
  • Slow release fertilizer application
  • Wax coat application
  • And more!

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From rigorous training to providing exceptional customer service, our team strives every day to give you an experience as you’ve never had before. Whether you’re looking for lawn care in Great Falls, tree and shrub services, or help to deal with lawn pests on your property, Blades of Green has the best solutions for you!

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