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Look no further than Blades of Green! Our Gibson Island lawn care experts can tackle any issue your lawn may be facing so you can get back to enjoying your space in no time. From aeration to shrub and tree care we’ve got you covered, as a one-stop lawn care shop we provide quick and effective services.

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Lawn Care Program Gibson Island

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As a locally owned and operated lawn care company in Gibson Island, we understand what it takes to care for your outdoor space. We are committed to providing comprehensive care for your lawn that is customized to your individual needs. No two lawns are the same so we believe that every treatment plan should be specially tailored in order to be effective. Achieving the lawn of your dreams is easier than ever with our Gibson Island lawn care services!

Our lawn care services in Gibson Island include:

  • Weed Control
  • Aeration
  • Disease Control
  • Fertilization
  • Seeding
  • Grub Control
  • And much more!

Organic Services You Can Trust

Here at Blades of Green, we exclusively utilize phosphorus-free organic products to keep your lawn lush and green. These treatments promote the health of your lawn by adding nutrients and strengthening your lawn’s defenses against weeds, disease, and pests. With over 25 years of experience with lawn care in Gibson Island, we understand the specific needs of your lawn and will treat it accordingly.

Detailed Care At Every Step

When it comes to lawn care in Gibson Island, we pay attention to every last detail. Weeds can deplete your turf of the nutrients that it needs and they are unsightly additions to your lawn. We offer protection against a variety of pesky plants with pre-emergent treatments and targeted solutions. In addition, we also provide pH testing and lime treatments in order to ensure your lawn is in the optimal condition to absorb nutrients and support healthy green grass.

Aeration & Seeding in Gibson Island, MD

Aeration and seeding in Gibson Island are both essential steps to safeguarding your lawn against disease and pests. Throughout the year your turf will become compacted from general wear such as mowing or simply walking. This creates a layer of build-up called thatch which makes it more difficult for water and nutrients to reach the soil. Without these vitamins and minerals, your soil cannot provide for your lawn and you may end up with more weeds and bare patches.

Our Gibson Island aeration treatments can provide a number of benefits to your lawn including:

  • A fuller, more lush lawn
  • Fewer bare spots or thin areas in your turf
  • Natural thatch reduction
  • Improved resistance to weeds and disease

Once your lawn has undergone an aeration treatment, it will be in prime condition for overseeding. This service allows new roots and grass to develop and will ultimately make your lawn thicker and healthier.

Gibson Island aeration and seeding services are a quick, simple, and effective way to promote the health of your lawn year-round!

Tree & Shrub Care in Gibson Island, MD

Trees and shrubs can greatly elevate the look of your outdoor space but this greenery requires specialized care. These types of plants need support to remain in the best condition and it is always better to be proactive. Our certified tree and shrub care experts in Gibson Island understand the various needs of all different types of plants and can advise you on the most effective treatments for your yard.

Some of our Gibson Island tree and shrub care services include:

  • Oil treatments
  • Slow release fertilizers
  • Nutrient applications
  • Root injections
  • Wax coatings
  • And many more!

As our Gibson Island tree and shrub care technicians will tell you, these solutions are most effective when applied in particular seasons. With years of experience in this area, we are aware of how seasonality can factor into the health of your ornamental greenery. This allows us to provide knowledgeable and customized care year round!

You Can Count On Us

We are totally committed to providing unmatched customer service with our lawn care in Gibson Island. With us, your satisfaction is always guaranteed so there's no need to worry about getting your money's worth. Our highly-trained Gibson Island lawn care technicians will work hard to give you the most beautiful lawn on the block and if you are not completely content with our work we will do everything in our power to make things right. You can trust Blades of Green to get the job done for you!

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Each lawn is different and that is why we offer customized lawn care programs to fit your lawns needs.

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