A Lawn Program Designed Just for You

Lawns come in all shapes and sizes – that's why, at Blades of Green, we work to develop a plan best suited for you! With a suite of lawn care options that feed your lawn and ward off weeds and diseases, your grass is free to reach its full potential. Our Edgewater lawn care services are organic and phosphorous-free, so your lawn can be healthy and beautiful without sacrificing the health of the environment and your loved ones!

Lawn Care Program Edgewater

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An Integrated Approach for Complete Care

No matter which of our lawn care packages you select, you'll benefit from personalized care tailored to your yard's current condition and any specific obstacles preventing it from reaching its full potential. 

We kickstart your service plan with a thorough inspection, where one of our highly trained lawn care experts in Edgewater will visit your home to learn about your concerns and evaluate your grass and soil condition. We consider your yard use and the unique conditions of your landscape to develop an effective lawn care plan, tailored to you! On that same visit, we'll perform the first round of treatments – getting you one step closer to the beautiful lawn you've always wanted. 

From there, we'll deliver the highest quality of lawn care treatment, providing exactly what your lawn needs throughout each season, including:

  • Multi-Treatment Fertilization: Using phosphorus-free, organic-based formulas, we apply fertilizer to your lawn to give it the proper nutrition it needs. Our formulas are adjusted throughout the year to match what your lawn needs as the seasons shift. 
  • Grub Control: Homeowners in Maryland and Nothern Virginia frequently battle damage from grubs, but with early detection and proper treatment, we can prevent them from destroying your lawn. Grubs can be damaging to your grass root system and cause brown patches across your lawn. 
  • pH Testing and Lime Treatment: We focus on the foundation of your lawn to improve its overall health. Regular soil testing allows us to keep your landscape in a healthy pH level, so that your lawn can absorb additional nutrients. 
  • Other Services: If you're fighting bare spots, insect activity, or poor overall color, our Edgewater lawn experts can help! Depending on the conditions in your lawn, we may recommend add-ons like aeration and seeding or tree and shrub care services to whip your landscape into shape. 

Developing a plan that is best suited for you requires in-depth understanding of your yard’s current condition and any obstacles in the way towards it reaching its full potential. We kickstart your service plan with an inspection, where a lawn expert will visit your home to learn about your concerns and evaluate your grass and soil condition. From there, we take time to develop an effective lawn care plan suited for your unique yard. A plan that is well-rounded, adjusted for seasonal needs, and sure to produce a jaw-dropping lawn at your home!

The Blades of Green Difference

Our experienced technicians bring our suite of offerings alive with customer-centric, results-oriented care. We consider our Edgewater lawn care to be a partnership with homeowners, working side-by-side with them to produce ideal results. You cast the vision for your ideal lawn, and we’ll work hard to make it happen. Your satisfaction is fundamental to our business, and that is why our informative, friendly technicians are always available to answer any questions you may have.

Here at Blades of Green, we understand the importance of safety for your loved ones when it comes to lawn care. That is why we always keep the protection of your family, pets, and children at the front of our minds. We use phosphorus-free, organic products that won’t harm the environment or the local water supply. Our eco-friendly plan is not only approved by the EPA, but it also works to improve the overall quality of your lawn - resulting in stronger, deeper roots, and improved soil health.

Keep your lawn looking beautiful with our lawn care program

Each lawn is different and that is why we offer customized lawn care programs to fit your lawns needs.

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