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We can make it happen! At Blades of Green, we provide specialized lawn care in Crownsville that gets results. Weeds, diseases, pests-- our 7-step treatment program addresses all of the potential issues your lawn battles each season. That way you can stop dreaming about the lawn you want and spend time enjoying it instead. Isn't it time you made your lawn a priority?

Lawn Care Crownsville, MD

Unlike cookie-cutter lawn care programs offered by some companies, Blades of Green treats your lawn individually to give you better results. When our experienced technicians arrive for the initial visit, they complete a thorough assessment of your yard to identify areas that need help. Next, we discuss your goals for your yard to incorporate them into a personalized Crownsville lawn care program, unique to your needs. We combine all of our services--fertilization, weed prevention and elimination, grub control, pH testing and lime treatment--to create and maintain a vibrant, healthy lawn you can take pride in.

An Expert Team That Gets Results

We've spent over 25 years providing professional lawn care services in Crownsville. During that time, we have learned the unique needs of lawns in Maryland. All of our technicians must undergo a detailed certification process that teaches them the most effective strategies and techniques in lawn care. In addition, we always put the customer first, proving friendly, courteous service as we bring out the beauty in your landscape. Have a question about our services? We encourage you to ask!

Environmentally-Friendly Products

At Blades of Green, we respect the environment by using organic-based products to improve the quality of your soil. In addition to being approved by the EPA, our products must undergo own rigorous safety testing. Our products are powerful enough to get impressive results, yet some of the safest options for your family and pets. You shouldn't have to skimp on strength to keep the people you love safe.

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Each lawn is different and that is why we offer customized lawn care programs to fit your lawns needs.

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