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Award-Winning Lawn Care in Bethesda, Maryland

Struggling to create the green, weed and pest-free lawn you desire in Bethesda, Maryland? It’s time to take back the precious time you’re spending working on your property and devote your energy to the things that matter most to you.

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Award Winning

We provide exceptional lawn care in Maryland and Northern Virginia with excellent customer service, but don't just take our word for it! We have the loyal customers to prove it.


The safety of your family and the environment is our top priority. The products we use are organic-based, EPA approved, and thoroughly tested before we let them near your family.


We're a locally-owned, family business that’s been serving Maryland and Northern Virginia for over three decades. We love this area and always provide exceptional service.

Everyone that I have ever spoken to is friendly and professional and goes out of their way to assist me or answer my questions. And in the 24 years that we have lived here, our lawn has never looked better.

Montgomery County

Organic Lawn Care Program in Bethesda

With our custom lawn care packages, Blades of Green can give you the unmatched results and superior service you deserve. We offer organic lawn care services in addition to aeration and seeding and tree and shrub care services. 

Residential Lawn Care Program in Bethesda

With Blades of Green, your unique lawn care program will be based on a proven seven-step method derived from more than 25 years of experience delivering high quality lawn care to homeowners in Bethesda. Our approach is built on addressing what your lawn needs most at each point of the season, tailored to the grasses, soils, and environmental conditions common to Bethesda, Maryland. 

Our Bethesda lawn care services include:

  • Organic Lawn Fertilization
  • Weed Control
  • Grub Control
  • Stress Fortification
  • pH Monitoring and Adjustment
  • And more!

Each treatment is uniquely configured to the needs of your property. We begin with the first phone call, during which we will learn about your yard and give you a quote for our personalized and organic lawn care services. This helps us hit the ground running on our first visit, where we will perform soil testing and other evaluations to design a lawn care program that’s personalized to you.

Aeration and Seeding in Bethesda

Regular aeration and seeding in Bethesda is one of the most advantageous care practices for your lawn. It revitalizes your grass and soil, providing them with relief from stress and positioning your turf for optimal growth. Has your lawn become laden with thatch, faded in color, or weak? Our aeration and seeding services will revive it back to its truest potential, transforming it into a receptive, ready-to-grow lawn in just two simple steps.

Foot traffic, heat, thatch, and other factors stress your lawn. Over time, compaction makes it challenging for your soil to receive the essential elements for growth. Our aeration and seeding service in Bethesda safely loosens your soil by removing small plugs, making it possible for necessary water, oxygen, and nutrients to reach deep into the soil!

Add Thickness and Color to Your Grass

The effects of stress may not be evident after one season but, over time, they build up and create an environment detrimental to your lawn’s health. Weeds, disease, and other stresses are more likely if your lawn is thatch-laden, weak, and compacted. With our aeration and seeding services in Bethesda, you can alleviate the stress on your grass in no time. After aerating, our Bethesda lawn care experts will apply high-quality seeds to produce a stronger root system and a thick layer of new grass.

You can trust Blades of Green to reinvigorate your soil with an easy, fast service applied by caring and seasoned professionals. We have the experience, state-of-the-art equipment, and leading organic lawn products to guarantee maximum effects from this staple lawn care practice.

To get started with Blades of Green lawn care services in Bethesda, 

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