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The Blades of Green Scholarship Fund

Blades of Green was founded in 1989 just outside of Annapolis, Maryland. They have always placed an emphasis on organic-based and bay-friendly lawn care techniques and products. As Maryland locals, the protection of the environment and our water sources is near and dear to Blades of Green. Advancements in environmental engineering, plant sciences, environmental sciences, green technology, and related fields starts with a focus on environmental education.

Blades of Green has created a merit-based scholarship fund for individuals seeking undergraduate or graduate level education in environmental studies or related fields. Mark and Brad Leahy have created a $1,000 scholarship for the 2019 academic year. The scholarship will be awarded based on academic excellence, pursuit of further study in environmental education at an accredited college or university, and passion for further study. 

The scholarship will last for the duration of one year and be paid directly to the winning candidate to use towards tuition and board during the fall semester. 

2019 Academic Year Honorees 

This year our $1,000 scholarship to support the study of environmental education goes to Honey Brown! This passionate young adult personifies our belief that dedication to our environment is not only honorable but also necessary. Our Blades of Green merit-based scholarship winner inspires us to always continue our education, work hard, and stay passionate! 

We're proud to support you, Honey! 

Application Procedure

  1. Complete the official application form and send in with your letter of intent.
  2. Letter of Intent: 350 - 500 words describing the career path you plan to seek after graduation, passion for your intended field, and what inspired you to pursue your intended career path.
  3. Provide an official transcript from the school in which the applicant is currently enrolled. Submit one faculty letter of recommendation in addition to a personal letter of intent. Letter of intent should describe the applicant’s passion and plans for environmental education, desired career, and any relevant experience in the field. Submit all information by mail to:

Attn: Angela Hieronimus
B.O.G. Pest Control
645 Central Ave E #200
Edgewater, MD 21037


Application with required documents must be received by the Blades of Green by midnight on March 15th, 2020. Scholarship will be awarded by May 27th, 2020.

Please direct all questions to