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father and mother snuggling with kids

Integrated Pest Management

An effective Integrated Pest Management Program (IPM) requires the guidance of a Pest Management Professional from B.O.G. Pest Control. When executed properly, it is a true partnership between homeowners and Pest Management Professional that can help manage pest populations in and around your home.Read more
ladybug on yellow leaf

How to Prevent Ladybugs in Your Home in Annapolis

You may have enjoyed playing with ladybugs as a child, but when you’re an adult, a ladybug invasion can be a nuisance. Having your home overrun by these creatures can leave you wanting to pull your hair out. We are sharing our tips to prevent and get rid of small ladybug invasions.Read more
Earth Day 2016

How to Celebrate Earth Day This Year

We love a holiday that encourages people to get outside and enjoy the fresh air and wonders of nature in their community. This Earth Day, we hope you and your family can get together for some fun activities.Read more

Go Local for the Holidays

If you’re looking for something for that special someone who seems to have everything, you might find a gift worth giving if you turn your sights towards a more local focus pointRead more
mosquito on skin

West Nile Virus

If you have a mosquito problem or are very concerned by the Annapolis, MD Mosquito bite alert: contact us and we can provide the professional service you expect from Blades of Green.Read more
gypsy moth

Pest Alert: Gypsy Moths!

Gypsy moths are very close to being the number one pest for leaf defoliation in the United States, costing in the area of $50 million per year in the eastern United States into Canada.Read more



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