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Common Weeds in Maryland

The weather might be cold, but that doesn't mean that all the weeds in your lawn have been killed off. Watch out for these common winter weeds in Maryland.Read more
Summer Lawn Care Tips

Summer Lawn Care Tips

Summer is supposed to be a time to enjoy warm weather and outdoor activities with friends and family. However, some homeowners find themselves spending countless hours outside trying to maintain a healthy lawn. Here are some helpful hints to keep your yard looking its best during the summer months without spending long hours toiling in the sun performing lawn care.Read more
leaves on lawn

Steps to Maintaining a Healthy Lawn This Fall

Consistent lawn care in Columbia doesn’t just stop when the leaves start to fall. There are several things you can do to ensure that your lawn looks good and stays healthy during the cooler seasons. Here are a few lawn care tips that can ensure your lawn stays in tip-top shape all year long!Read more
Indian meal moths

Pest Alert: Indianmeal Moth!

Have you ever opened the pantry, picked up a bag of flour and seen moths scatter? Or worse yet have you opened a box from the pantry and found what looks like maggots in the product?Read more



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