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Small Ants in Dirt

My Mom's War Against Ants!

You're in the middle of preparing lunch, when suddenly - you notice an ant moving across your plate. Suddenly, you see a whole trail of ants making their way across your countertop! 

Earth Day 2016

How to Celebrate Earth Day This Year

We love a holiday that encourages people to get outside and enjoy the fresh air and wonders of nature in their community.  This Earth Day, we hope you and your family can get together for some fun activities.

white winter weeds

Common Winter Weeds

Chickweed is an edible variety of weed. One can use chickweed in salads (wash thoroughly!!) Chickweed is very common and very easy to recognize.

Plant a Fall Vegetable Garden

Plant a Fall Vegetable Garden

When you think of vegetable gardens, you might think of summertime planting and warm season vegetable harvests. But did you know that there are plenty of delicious and easy to grow vegetables that grow great in the autumn season?