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Wild Onion and Wild Garlic


In the central Maryland area we often find wild onion and garlic growing in our lawns. The dominate plant of the two in our area is the wild onion. You may have noticed the wild onion plant in lawns that late in the green up process in the spring (especially true of Zoysia lawns). The greens from the wild onion are edible (not advisable if the lawn has been chemically treated).

Control of the wild onion is not accomplished without effort. Pulling can work but only if all of the small bulbs are removed (known as bulblets). The best bet is to use a thin trowel to dig the onion out. Mowing will not kill off the onion but will weaken the plant, especially if the seed heads have not set. A post emergent treatment can be effective as a method of treatment but currently there no pre- emergent products that are effective as a control agent. You must be persistent and understand that it is going to take several years to rid the lawn of the wild onion or garlic. The most difficult problem is that the thin glossary stalks make it difficult for the herbicide to adhere to the plant and will greatly reduce the effectiveness.

Please contact us if you have a large amount of wild garlic or wild onion. We can help start your lawn to be free of these unwanted weeds.

Mark Leahy is the President of Blades of Green lawn Care and Pest Control, a family owned lawn care and pest control company. Mark has concentrated his efforts in Central Maryland as well as Maryland's Eastern Shore. Mark has over 20 years experience in the Lawn and Pest Control Industries.

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