Why Lawn Aeration is Important in Rockville, Maryland

Aeration in Rockville, MD

Aeration and seeding is a common lawn care service provided by Blades of Green to residents in the late-summer to early-fall season. Many homeowners often overlook this service, but the truth is your lawn may be suffering without it. Aeration provides many significant benefits that are absolutely vital for a healthy lawn. We will discuss why aeration should be periodically performed to ensure a healthy, thriving lawn.

Aeration promotes a healthy lawn

Aeration is important because if your soil is breathing better, this benefits the plant’s growth. Plants need oxygen to survive, and dense, compacted soils restrict oxygen flow. This is why aeration is necessary; without it, oxygen and nutrients may not be able to reach the roots. The harder plants and grass have to work to get oxygen and nutrients, the less energy they have to grow and increase.

Additional benefits provided by aeration

Additional benefits of aeration in Rockville are:

  • Improved plant and tree root health and stability because roots grow sturdier and penetrate more deeply

  • Helps to prevent the buildup of harmful elements and toxins in the soil and root system

  • Protects plants from diseases and pathogens that are caused by poor aeration

  • Leads to increased activity of beneficial microorganisms in the soil that promote plant health

  • Helps to prevent fertilizer and pesticides from running off due to soil compaction

Aeration should be followed by seeding

After aeration services are performed, seeding usually occurs to replace any damaged grass and to replenish your lawn. Seeding after aeration contributes to healthy growth and ensures that your lawn continues to look green and healthy.

We understand that there are not enough hours in the day to accomplish most of your lawn care needs. Between the everyday responsibilities of family, friends, and work, lawn care tends to fall to the bottom of the priority list. Let Blades of Green take on that responsibility and give you more time to focus on what matters.

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