When Should I Lime My Lawn?

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The late fall and early winter season is the time that you start to transition from maintaining your lawn to actively preparing it for the next growing season. This is the time of year you should be considering your soil health to ensure that you get the greenest, healthiest looking lawn in the upcoming spring. You may not know this, but your lawn grows best with a neutral pH level; it shouldn’t test overly acidic or too alkaline. Your lawn’s PH level shows just how many nutrients are available in your soil. Most soil, unfortunately, grows more acidic over time. Acidity can be caused by:

  • Using too much nitrogen-based fertilizers

  • Using composts

  • Rainwater with sulphur in it.

How Do I Know If My Lawn Needs Lime?

Lawn appearance doesn’t necessarily determine whether or not lime should be applied. Instead, you should use a pH level test to help you determine this. You can use a home testing kit, or have your soil tested by a professional to determine the pH level. If the test indicates that the pH level is less than 6.5%, lime application is necessary.

Of course, there are other factors that determine whether or not lime should be applied. Winter, however, is the recommended season to apply lime because lime is used to treat soil, not grass. You are preparing for the next season’s growth. Lime can burn growing grass, so you’ll want to make sure you apply it after the growing season has ended.

When Should Lime Be Applied?

During the winter, you usually won’t be applying herbicides or other treatments, so this makes it an ideal time to apply lime. In areas where winters are extremely cold, lime should be applied during the first frost. This is because the thaw/freeze cycle assists lime in penetrating the soil.

When it comes to applying lime on your lawn - or any other lawn care task - it can be a little confusing to learn. No matter what you read online, the truth is you don’t have the full scope of knowledge and experience that professionals who do this every day do. Sometimes it’s easier to just leave it in their hands to ensure your lawn is getting the best treatment, without question. Blades of Green can help lime your lawn this upcoming winter and prepare it for optimal growth in the next growing season.

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