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West Nile Virus

mosquito on skin

Why Mosquitoes are Dangerous

The reality of the West Nile Virus (WNV) is that the disease was first found in the United States in 1992 and since that date horses, birds and humans have been infected sometimes with catastrophic results. While the first outbreak was in New York City, the disease has spread to 40 or more of the states. Approximately 5% of those infected have died. Over 15,000 cases in horses have been confirmed and over 4300 horses have been euthanized.

Mosquitoes are the carriers with four species being the most prevalent carriers. The common horse mosquito (c.pipens) is the mosquito that transmits the disease to horses. The mosquitoes bite infected birds and can carry the disease for upwards of ten days. Infected mosquitoes, as all mosquitoes do, bite multiple times; each and every time they bite they leave potentially infected salvia behind.

There are four phases of life for the mosquito. All mosquito eggs are deposited on water or in places likely to be flooded with water. The key to mosquito control is to eliminate as much standing water as you can. The first phase of the mosquito life is an egg, followed by larva, pupa and adult. The eggs generally hatch within 48 hours, enter the pupa stage, have the exoskeleton harden and then fly. Only the female mosquito can bite since they require a blood meal to be able to lay eggs. A typical female mosquito will live several weeks. The reproductive cycle is very fast and if standing water is left alone, the number of mosquitoes present will be very high in quantity.

If you see dead birds, especially crows, report this information immediately to the health department.

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