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Ladybugs, Often Called White Waxy Ladies

ladybug on leaf

Ladybugs of Maryland

When the waxy ladybug is in the larvae stage, the larvae will devour several thousand immature scale insects. As an adult ladybug, the bug will eat many other harmful insects. Sometimes we do get a bit carried away and will eliminate beneficial insects along with the harmful insects. Ladybugs are very easy to identify: they are usually black with two red spots n the wing covers. Sometimes there will be yellowish spots or stripes on their backs.

In the spring, the waxy bugs will return to devour scale. Wintering over in leaves and beneath bark liter the ladybug will truly help you.

Please do not destroy them; there is no danger to your home! We can all remember those winter days when we get several consecutive days of above-average temperatures. The warmth of the sun on the house, especially the southwest sides of the house, will often cause the waxy ladybug to suddenly appear in incredible numbers. 

Again don't worry; there will be no damage to your home. Now an interesting question: just where were those ladybugs? If you want you could take the frames of your doors off on the southwest side: guess where the bugs have been living? Good guess: behind the frame!

Mark Leahy is the President of Blades of Green Lawn Care and Pest Control, a family owned lawn care and pest control company in Ellicott City. Mark has concentrated his efforts in Central Maryland as well as Maryland's Eastern Shore. Mark has over 20 years of experience in the Lawn and Pest Control Industries.


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