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How to Protect Your Family and Pets From Mosquitoes and Ticks

Lawn Care in Columbia

One of the biggest parts of effective lawn care here in Columbia, MD is eliminating pests like mosquitoes and ticks. As it's starting to get warmer now it's offically spring, these pests love to invade yards. Once misquotes and ticks gain a foothold in your yard, they then attack your family and pets. In order to protect your loved ones this spring and summer, it is imperative you are exercising effective mosquito and tick control. Eliminating pests in your home only solves part of the problem; you have to eliminate the problems in your yard too!

Eliminate mosquitoes & ticks with a manicured lawn

Lawn care in Columbia isn’t just about making your lawn look attractive - it’s about eliminating areas where pests, such as mosquitoes and ticks, love to hide. One of the cheapest and simplest methods you can use to get rid of problem pests is to keep the lawn mowed, and the bushes trimmed. Pests such as ticks actually prefer longer grass, so the more manicured your lawn, the lesser the chance of them inhabiting it. Without having to worry about pests biting you and passing on serious diseases you can enjoy being in your yard all spring and summer long!

Don’t give these pests the moisture they crave

A moist lawn is a paradise for both mosquitoes and ticks since they need water to breed! These pests love shady, wet areas to reside and make nests in. Over-watering your lawn can contribute to any drainage problems and cause pest populations to skyrocket. For effective mosquito control, do not oversaturate your lawn. It is also important that you rid your yard of any standing water - this includes:

  • Bird baths

  • Kiddie pools

  • Pet water dishes

Also, do not let water sit at the bottom of flower pots, holes or tree stumps. The most effective way to gain control of mosquitoes is to find and eliminate their breeding sites - which tend to be standing water or overly moist areas.

Look to natural solutions to repel mosquitoes and ticks

Instead of relying on harsh chemicals and insecticides, you can utilize natural mosquito and tick control solutions to get rid of these problem pests. Ingredients such as rose geranium oil, vinegar, and vegetable oil can help repel ticks, while citronella oil, lavender oil, and catnip can help naturally repel mosquitoes. Utilizing these natural solutions can help eliminate and prevent pests without putting your pets at risk with harsh chemicals.

Mosquito and tick control in Maryland communities is a simple task when Blades of Green is on the job. You’ll be glad to have us in your corner!

Learn how you can help protect your lawn from pests today!


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