How to Prevent Deer from Ruining Your Lawn

white tail doe laying in grass

If you’re like most homeowners here in Annapolis, MD you take pride in having the nicest lawn on the block - unless you neighbor the unbeatably beautiful William Paca Garden. You probably already know that sometimes the biggest lawn care threats aren’t just diseases or insects. Deer can also cause a significant amount of damage to lawns you've worked hard to maintain. You may be familiar with their shenanigans, as they often retreat into people’s yards and gardens and wreak havoc.

Here are a few helpful hints that should help prevent deer from ruining your beautiful lawn:

Identify signs of deer

Before you start to worry if deer are causing problems in your yard, it’s good to first know whether or not they’re in your neck of the woods.  To identify their presence we recommend looking for deer tracks and deer droppings. Also look for partially chewed new plants as a sign that deer might be traipsing through your lawn. 

Use deer resistant plants

You can make your lawn uninviting to deer by placing plants and shrubs that are poisonous to deer in areas around your lawn. Foxgloves, carnations, poppies, and lavender are all examples of plants that deer will naturally avoid.

Scare off invading deer

If you do happen to see a deer wondering your lawn, you can startle them with loud noises and whistles. If you see a deer making its way onto your property, bang something or use a loud whistle to scare them away. You can also use a replica of a dog bark to scare away deer.

Improve or add fences

Fences are a great way to limit the access deer have to your property. Deer won’t usually jump fences, especially if the fence is high enough. Deer can jump pretty high, so the fence will have to be at least eight feet tall. If you have consistent problems with deer wandering your yard, this may be your best option to keep them out once and for all.

Deer can be a problem when it comes to keeping a gorgeous lawn, but it is possible to coexist with these beautiful creatures without sacrificing the aesthetic of your lawn.  Here at Blades of Green, our certified technicians provide expert services in Maryland lawn care. We can guide through the process of keeping problem all sorts of pests at bay while encouraging your lawn to grow lush and thick with our expert lawn care techniques. We can help you successfully address your lawn care issues and develop a solution that works for your situation!


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