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How to Control Dandelions in Your Lawn

weed control in Columbia

Controlling dandelions is a major part of weed control in Columbia. These little yellow weeds are prolific and seem to be present in nearly every lawn in the state. Most homeowners under the struggle of removing weeds and keeping them away. The experts at Blades of Green discusses a few tips that can help you rid your lawn of these pesky little weeds!

Dig Up Those Dandelions

The best methods for controlling dandelions in Columbia, MD  is to eliminate them before they reach maturity. As soon as you spot a dandelion, dig it up, including the tap root that is rooted at least 6 inches deep. Don’t leave any broken pieces of the plant because these broken pieces will sprout new plants.

Use a Bag When Mowing

When these weeds are blooming, it is important to mow and bag any and all clippings to prevent the flowers from going to seed. This can prevent the seeds from spreading and populating your lawn.

Keep Your Lawn Thick

The thicker your lawn is, the harder it will be for the plants to spread. Setting mower blades at maximum height can allow your grass to smother emerging dandelion seedlings.

Make Use of Herbicides

In most cases, the standard broadleaf herbicides work best at controlling dandelions in Columbia, especially if applied during the fall when plants are storing nutrients in roots.

If you are in need of help with dandelion and weed control, you can count on Blades of Green to help you eliminate these pesky weeds. We’ll help ensure that your lawn isn’t covered with dandelions and other weeds!

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