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How to Celebrate Earth Day This Year

Earth Day 2016

We love a holiday that encourages people to get outside and enjoy the fresh air and wonders of nature in their community.  This Earth Day, we hope you and your family can get together for some fun activities.  We’ve listed some of our favorites here to help you celebrate.

Rainy Day Activities

If showers keep you indoors today, don’t fret, you can still do something great for the Earth.  

Consider Composting

Have you ever tried composting?  Composting is a simple and convenient way to limit your impact on landfills, and a great fertilizer for your vegetable garden or household plants.  Check out to learn more about how to layer what you compost for the best results!

Learn More About E-Waste

Do you ever wonder what happened to that cell phone you had a few years ago?  Odds are, it is probably sitting in a landfill. Many of the materials in electronic devices are extremely harmful, and can leach into the soil as they waste away in landfills.  Fortunately, there are some companies that have found a way to safely recycle “e-waste.” 

Outdoor Activities

If you are blessed with some sunshine, head outside!  Enjoy time on your lawn with your friends and family.  Additionally, here are some activities you can do for Earth Day:

Plant a Tree

This is a classic!  “Trees for the Earth” is also the theme for this year’s Earth Day.  Join people all over the world and plant a tree, which will help take carbon dioxide out of the air and replace it with fresh oxygen.

Visit Your Farmer’s Market

Buying local food has a lot of benefits.  First, fresh food has more nutrients! Secondly, local food isn’t transported as far to get to you, which helps reduce the carbon footprint. Third, you can help out a neighbor by supporting their business!  As a locally owned, Maryland business, we love to help out fellow small-business owners. Head over to the Anne Arundel County Farmers Market or the Howard County Farmers Market for some fresh foods for the weekend!

We hope you like these activities, not just for this Earth Day, but for all year. Happy Earth Day!


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