Fall Fertilization Tips in Bowie, Maryland

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Applying fertilizer aka feeding your lawn is an important part of lawn care in Bowie. Fertilizer can help you achieve a healthy lawn that is the envy of your neighborhood. The only problem is applying fertilizer can be tricky; it’s not always a straightforward process, and there are so many products on the market to choose from. These simple tricks can help you fertilize your lawn without having to deal with too much confusion!

Choose to use granules over spray

Spraying may seem to be a big time saver, and it is; however, you can easily make mistakes using a spray. Granules are much easier to use and more forgiving for homeowners performing lawn care. Granules are a much safer choice when it comes to properly fertilizing your lawn.

Know what numbers your lawn needs

There are three numbers that appear on the label of fertilizer. These numbers indicate how much nitrogen, phosphate, and potassium are in the bag. The levels of these nutrients required by your lawn can vary according to the season and where you live. In most cases, you can ascertain the appropriate combination by reading the label on the back of the bag.

Avoid over-fertilizing your lawn

When it comes to fertilizer, it’s better to apply too little than too much. Too much fertilizer can burn your lawn and can be expensive to repair. You can avoid overusing fertilizer by initially spreading it at half the recommended rate in one direction and half again in another. This is a good strategy for achieving better coverage and for ensuring your lawn does not burn.

Water your lawn as directed

Before applying fertilizer, you’ll need to determine how much water your lawn is going to require. After all, the more you water, the more fertilizer your lawn will require. If you’re using granules, you may need to wet your lawn before applying the fertilizer. Different products require different approaches, so it’s best to read the instructions on your fertilizer package.

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