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Best Ways To Control Weeds in Your Lawn This Spring


Weed control is always a primary concern for many local Bethesda gardeners and homeowners, especially now as the spring season is finally here. Roundup and other chemical substances may appear to be the weapon of choice against weeds, but many experts have spoken out against the use of chemicals by homeowners since they can seep into produce. Even worse, many of these substances eventually make their way into the local water supply. There are less expensive and more effective methods homeowners can utilize for effective weed control in Bethesda. 

A Thick Lawn Will Crowd Out Weeds

Keeping your lawn thick and healthy will keep the weeds from overrunning your lawn. Adding ground cover plants is a great method for crowding out weeds in decorative beds. Reseeding and overseeding is also a great way to keep weeds at bay. Weeds take advantage of open areas and available resources; eliminate these, and you’re well on your way to rolling up that weed welcome mat for good.

Ensure Your Soil is Nutrient-Laden

You can make sure that your existing plants continue to crowd out weeds by keeping the plants you want healthy. Aerated soil that is well-drained will ensure this happens. You can also test your soil and talk to a local specialist in Bethesda to develop an optimal fertilization plan. Although weeds can grow in any soil, soil improvements can help level the playing field between the plants you want and the weeds you don’t.

Use Organic Mulch for Garden Beds

Mulch is probably the most important factor in controlling weeds. Bark and other decorative mulches work to prevent weed growth by blocking light. Most professionals agree that organic mulches are the way to go. These types of mulch help improve soil structure and add nutrients to the soil. Mulch can also keep the soil cool and reduce water loss due to evaporation!

The truth of the matter is, it’s best to leave the chemical use to the professionals. Blades of Green maintains a highly trained staff of professionals who are knowledgeable about the best techniques to use for weed control without adversely affecting the environment. Check out some other ways the professionals at Blades of Green recommend to prepare your lawn for spring here. If you need help with this seemingly impossible lawn care task, Blades of Green can help!

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