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Revive Your Turf with Lawn Aeration & Seeding Services

Is your lawn looking a little thin or bare in places? What your lawn needs is core aeration and seeding to help it breathe again and absorb the proper nutrients. Our services transform your colorless, thatch-laden lawn into the lush, green turf that will be turning heads all year long!

Aeration & Seeding in Maryland & Northern Virginia

Aeration and seeding, as part of regular lawn maintenance, goes a long way in creating a thicker, healthier lawn that you’re sure to love for years to come. 

Throughout the year, your lawn can become more compacted from regular use, resulting in a layer of tightly bound dead grass and roots, called thatch, to build up at the base of your living grass. This thick layer of thatch can block essential nutrients, water, and oxygen from reaching the roots, resulting in a dying yard. Aeration and seeding is incredibly important to remove the thatch and have a healthy, green lawn. If you're trying to find answers to common questions like when is the best time to aerate the lawn, head over to our lawn care blog to learn more.

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While some of our competitors make you wait a week or more to get a quote, here at Blades of Green we use advanced lawn measuring technology to instantly give you a quote on your service. You can start achieving your dream lawn today. Call us today at 410-867-8873 or request your quote online.


Need More For Your Lawn?

In combination with our lawn care service, Blades of Green will get you on your way to a healthier, rejuvenated lawn in no time! To learn more and save money - check out our popular packages below!


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Get the fertilizer, grub control, pH adjustment, and weed control your lawn needs at exactly the right time with our basic lawn care package! Price varies based on lawn size.


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Keep your lawn vibrant & healthy with everything our basic program has to offer - plus core aeration and seeding with starter fertilizer! Price varies based on lawn size.


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Our premium package includes everything in our preferred package, as well as core aeration, power seeding, disease control, & nutsedge control to take your lawn to the next level. Price varies based on lawn size.

Aeration in Maryland & Northern Virginia

Grass roots need air, water, and essential nutrients to grow thick, healthy, and strong. Thatch build up can hinder this growth, making it necessary to remove it. The best way to compensate for thatch build up is through the use of aeration. When you aerate your lawn traditionally, you’re creating small holes down in the soil to alleviate compaction, allowing everything your grass needs to reach the roots. We also now offer liquid aeration which has many additional benefits without disturbing the soil causing potential weed problems.  

Benefits of Liquid Aeration for your lawn include the following:

  • Helps aerate and bioactivate soils
  • Reduce soil compaction and thatch 
  • Improves the growth of various groups of beneficial microorganisms      
  • Improves germination rates of seed
  • Improved water absorption
  • Reduction in drought stress

When Should You Aerate? 

In Virginia and Maryland, there are several options for when to aerate your lawn. From spring to fall, Blades of Green can provide the guidance you need to ensure you're making the best decision. Traditionally, the best time to aerate cool season lawns, like lawns made up of tall fescue or Kentucky bluegrass, is usually in late August or mid September. This is when cooler season grasses are coming out of their dormancy and starting to grow. Don’t know what kind of grass is in your yard? Our pros know! Give us a call today at 410-867-8873 and we can help you set up a plan that’s right for you! 



Experience the B.O.G. Difference

Here at Blades of Green, we have a proven process that’s been developed over the course of 30 years. When you choose Blades of Green, our aeration services include:

  • Double-pass aeration for twice the plugs, allowing more nutrients to reach the roots.
  • Blue tag 100% weed-free seed for a weed-free lawn from day one. 
  • Power raking in hard-to-reach areas.
  • Specialized starter fertilizer to give your lawn the best nutrients possible. 


Seeding in Maryland & Northern Virginia

After your lawn has been aerated, it’s time to seed your lawn! Aeration will create optimal conditions for seed germination, allowing new roots to reach deep down into the soil and establish a strong root system. These seeds will then transform into a thick layer of turf, which will not only look healthy and green but also prevent weeds from taking hold in your lawn.

Coated Seeding for Optimal Grass Growth

Have you noticed with past seeding services that your grass didn’t grow to optimal height? Your lawn may not have been as hydrated as it needs to be! When your lawn isn’t watered as it should be—even missing one day can be detrimental!—it won’t absorb any of the all-natural nutrients our lawn technicians provide during our fall aeration and seeding services. With our new coated grass seeding service at Blades of Green, our coated seeds will help the seed stay moist in case you miss a day of watering or growing conditions are less than ideal.

The benefits of our coated grass seeding service are:

  • Increased germination and overall grass growth
  • Root development
  • Less water needed for establishment
  • Faster germination
  • Increases livability (percentage of plants that will reach full maturity)

This service is included in our industry-leading aeration and seeding services at no additional cost! 


Benefits of Overseeding Your Lawn

Overseeding may not feel like a necessary step—but it’s actually incredibly important to the overall health and appearance of your lawn! The thicker the grass grows, the better it’s able to withstand stressors in the future. Benefits include:

  • Thickening the density of thinner lawns.
  • Improving the overall appearance of the lawn.
  • Helping the lawn fight insects and disease.
  • Filling in areas of grass damaged by insects, disease, and stress.

Not sure if your lawn could benefit from overseeding? Give our professionals a call today at 410-867-8873 or contact us online! 


Fast Process, Proven Results, Reliable Experts

Our aeration and seeding services are the fastest way to get a full, healthy, thriving lawn. It begins with a one-on-one over the phone consultation, where we will explain what is involved and evaluate your property’s needs. With just one visit, we will both aerate and seed your lawn. Our highly trained specialists are always happy to answer your questions and ensure that you have the right information to maximize the results of your aeration and seeding treatment. 

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