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  Total Renovation / Power Seeding

Total Renovation / Power Seeding

Total Renovation is also known as Slit Seeding. It is a mechanical seeding process that consists of a machine called a Turf Renovator, cutting a small groove into the ground. The Turf Renovator then places seed into the groove. This is the same process that a farmer would use to plant a field. Blades of Green will perform this process in two different directions so that your lawn will not achieve the "crop row" affect. This process is recommended to De-thatch older lawns that have been neglected and quickly will revive them!

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Tree and shrub care (Fertilization, insect and disease control, and wax coat for the winter)
Bed weed control (Eliminates weeds in your landscape beds, drive ways, sidewalks, and gravel)
Bag worm control (Stops and prevents bag worms)
Mole/Vole control (Eliminates moles/voles in your lawn)
Flea and Tick Control (Helps control fleas and ticks in your yard)
Aeration and over seeding
Total Renovation/Power Seeding
Disease Control
Organic lawn care program (Maintains your lawn naturally)
Pest control services (Ants, spiders, crickets, and other creepy crawlers)
Termite control (Environmentally friendly treatments)
Lawn care services (Keeps your lawn looking beautiful)

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