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Dear Mark,

This note is to express my complete satisfaction with the tick treatment that Blades of Green applied to my yard last year. There was a time that mowing the grass or even a short time spent working in the yard would result in my getting one or more ticks. Sometimes they were the standard ticks that pose few health problems, but increasingly they were deer ticks, the carriers of lyme disease. Once your applications began the benefits were immediately apparent. I went from dozens of ticks on my person in a typical year to just a single tick, and that one was near the beginning of your treatments. Please consider this a testimonial without reservation to the effectiveness of your tick preventative treatments.

R. Blair Smith, Edgewater

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Blades of Green provides a full line of custom lawn care and pest control services to fit your homes' needs. In business since 1989, Blades of Green is a locally owned, family operated company that focuses on the highest level of service through our licensed professional staff.

Our goal is to provide our customers with a wonderful home environment by using the safest products and methods available in the industry. We have the solution to all your needs in pest control and lawn care in Maryland.

Whether you need a lawn fertilization, termite inspection, weed control, or pest control we have a lawn care program or pest control program for you. Blades of Green is dedicated to provide our customers with safe, friendly, prompt, and effective service while keeping the environment on our minds. We stand behind all of our work and guarantee you satisfaction on each and every service.

Annapolis, MD Stink Bug Control

News and Tips from BOG Pest Control

Wasting away in 'misquitoeville'!!!!!!

Tick Talley and Lyme Disease Oh my, oh my, it is that time again. The miserable female mosquito is back and seeking some assistance in her program of expanding the birth rate of the mosquito population. Who, besides we humans has to concern themselves with mosquitoes? Well...your pets and all other warm blooded animals that's who.

Heck, its just a mosquito bite! Oh yes, but what else bad can happen? Let's try West Nile virus, dengue fever, yellow fever, malaria and river blindness for starters. Think of all of the little children, you know the ones: yours! We all have seen the results: welts, sores, scabs, insane itchyness and damage to your skin. Malaria is unheard of in our country but in other places it is a different story.

Tick Talley and Lyme Disease

Tick Talley and Lyme Disease Last Friday, February 3, 2012, in "USA Today", an article appeared revealing new data about deer ticks.

Researchers, most notably Dr. Maria Diuk-Wasser of the Yale School of Public Health, reported in the American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene that the incidence of infected ticks carrying Lyme disease is at the 20% level. Dr. Diuk-Wasser collected over 5200 ticks in the mid-Atlantic area. Her expertise is in landscape epidemiology and works on vector borne diseases (vector borne disease: any disease transmitted by an insect bite, especially arthropods, with infectious microbes. This finding is very alarming. Read more

Brown Ants / Black Ants? Difference? No? Not really!

Brown Ants / Black Ants Long and short answer: emphatically no! Just different color, that's all!

Strange winter this year: we have had calls about ant control all winter: "My house is clean! Where are these tiny six legers coming from?" Exactly how do we answer: Ma'm they were there all along. This winter has been very mild and fewer of the ant colonies have closed down for the winter. Another question: When will the ants really get active? Answer: not so sure, this winter, but probably soon!

We do know that ants will soon start searching for a suitable habitat for new colonies. Read more

Brown Norwegian Rat, Common Field Mouse

Brown Norwegian Rat As pictured here we note that the body of the rat is approximately 9" and the tail is around 6". All rats possess teeth that never stop growing. Therefore the rat must always be gnawing on something to prevent the teeth from growing back into their body. Rats will chew on virtually anything. Particularly bothersome in condos, apartments and around trash (cans, dumpsters, etc) you need to be vigilant and constantly aware of the dangers of the presence of rats. It would be horrible to imagine rats in an infant's crib (it does and can occur). To date we have had very few calls about rats. Read more

Harry Neophyte - The BOG Man

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