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Lawn Care for Calvert County Maryland

As a locally owned and operated lawn care company for over two decades, BOG Lawn Care has been and will provide a quality of lawn care and lawn maintenance unsurpassed by anyone. No matter if you live in Dunkirk, Huntingtown, Prince Frederick, Owens or Solomonís; BOG Lawn Care will be there to help you get a healthy lawn and landscape. We offer a complete Eco-Friendly and organically based programs to satisfy your lawn care needs.

Your property will be carefully inspected and analyzed. After the technician develops your individual plan for lawn care, he will go over and other needs you may have. We offer complete plans for bed/ weed control, tree and shrub care for diseased and stressed plants and any insect or pest problems that are found.

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Customer Testimonials

"My grass has never looked better! We get compliments all of the time!"
Mrs. Zindorf

"We love Blades of Green! Your service is prompt, accurate, and your staff is so friendly. Our yard used to be so ugly and full of weeds. Now itís absolutely beautiful!"
Mrs. Bowen

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Organic-Based Lawn Care Programs in Calvert County, Maryland

Our Blades of Green No Phosphorus Organic-Based Lawn Care Program contains organic material which can be derived from once living organisms like plants or animals and their by-products. These organic slow-release fertilizers replenish the soil with a rich supply of organic material and nutrients creating an environment for long term soil development. Giving you outstanding results your neighbors will be envious of. Contact Us now to get started.

Recommended Program (This 7 step program may vary according to your lawns needs and when you activate your service.)

1. Spring: We apply a phosphorus-free organic-based fertilizer plus pre-emergent herbicide. This fertilizer delivers beautiful early spring color and an initial boost to get your lawn going. A pre-emergent herbicide is added to control and suppress many grassy and broadleaf weeds including crabgrass, henbit and chickweed.

2. Late Spring: To keep your lawn green and healthy, we apply a liquid application of a controlled-release phosphorus-free fertilizer. In addition, a liquid pre-emergent herbicide is added for extended crabgrass control through the summer months. Dandelions? No problem. We'll knock out dandelions clover and many other broadleaf weeds with this application, too!

3. Grub Control: Got Grubs? We have this optional service available to combat grubs as well as surface feeding insects. Click here for more information on Grub control.

4. Summer: Warmer temperatures bring heat and drought stress to your lawn. We'll beat the heat by applying a phosphorus-free high organic-based fertilizer for extended nutrient release when your lawn needs it most and it has a very low burn potential when the heat is on. Persistent summer weeds like oxalis and spurge will be selectively treated as problems arise.

5. Fall: Renovate, rejuvenate and recover! We will invigorate your lawn with a healthy dose of organic-based fertilizer (Phosphorus-free, of course!) to promote top growth and a speedy recovery from summer stress and damage. We will selectively treat any remaining weeds at this time. Fall is the best time to aerate and over-seed. This optional service will help bring your lawn back to life.

6. Late Fall: The most important application of the year. To help avoid winter stress and turf injury, we will apply a high organic-based phosphorus-free fertilizer to your lawn providing the essential nutrients needed and stored by the turf in your lawn to survive the winter months. An added bonus: better fall and winter color and earlier spring green-up!

7. Winter: A limestone application is made to adjust and maintain the desired soil pH of 6.5-7.0 allowing the essential nutrients we apply throughout the year to be utilized and taken up by the turf in your lawn. Click here for more Information on Lime.

Soil test: We test all of our customers lawns to make sure your lawn is getting what it needs Soil testing is required by the state of Maryland but we consider soil testing our best tool to provide your lawn with the custom care it needs. Click here for more information on Soil testing.

*Our No Phosphorus Organic-Based Lawn Care Program is also available without weed control. Click here for more information on Organic Lawn Care.

We offer many variations of the above program. Your lawn consultant will help choose the right program for you. Click here for a Free Lawn Analysis for your property in Calvert County, MD.

We also have special programs to meet any additional needs your Property may have.

Aeration and Over Seeding

Core aeration is a critical step to a healthy lawn. Through out the year your lawn will become compacted and a layer of thatch will develop. This compaction and thatch blocks the essential elements: food, water, oxygen, and grass seed that your lawn needs. Aeration corrects this problem by pulling many small plugs of soil out of the lawn allowing the essential elements to get deep into the soil. No lawn care service in Maryland is complete without a yearly aeration and over seeding.

Benefits of Aeration and over seeding:
  • Reduces soil compaction
  • Allows food, water,and oxygen to get deeper in to the soil
  • Helps decompose the thatch layer
  • Improves root growth
  • Increased seed germination through seed to soil contact

Tree and Shrub Care (Up to 20 Feet)

In addition to caring for your lawn with one of our custom lawn care programs, we can also care for you trees and shrubs. Our tree/shrub program has been exclusively designed for the climate and specific types of plants that grow in Maryland. Your technician will inspect and care for your landscape throughout the year with six scheduled visits. Click here for more information on Tree and Shrub Care.

Disease Control

Lawn Diseases are caused by Fungus Spores growing out of control. This typically occurs when weather conditions are hot, humid and moist .The Blades of Green Disease Control Service will quickly put your lawn back on its way to recovery. Click here for more information on Disease Control.

Total Renovation / Power Seeding

Total Renovation is also known as Slit Seeding. It is a mechanical seeding process that consists of a machine called a Turf Renovator, cutting a small groove into the ground. The Turf Renovator then places seed into the groove. This is the same process that a farmer would use to plant a field. Blades of Green will perform this process in two different directions so that your lawn will not achieve the "crop row" affect. This process is recommended to De-thatch older lawns that have been neglected and quickly will revive them! Click here for more information on Total Renovation/Power Seeding.

Mole/Vole control

Are moles or voles destroying your lawn?

We will eliminate your problem guaranteed!

As part of our lawn care program we offer the most advanced and effective mole/vole elimination program available. Our complete program starts with a detailed inspection of your property. After the inspection we will customize a plan to fit the level of infestation of your lawn. If left unchecked moles will destroy a healthy lawn very quickly. Not sure what is destroying your property? Click here for more information on Mole/Vole control.

Bag Worm Control

Already have bag worms? We can reduce the amount of damage bag worms cause by stopping them dead in their tracks. We also offer preventive treatments to keep bag worms from returning for years to come. As part of our comprehensive lawn care services, we offer a bag worm control program that will keep your Landscape safe. Click here for more information on Bag Worm Control.

Bed Weed Control

A great compliment to our lawn care service is our bed weed program. The bed weed program is designed to help control up to 95% of the weeds in your beds without harming your existing plants. If you hate weeding this program is for you. Stop wasting your Saturdays weeding your beds, let us take care of the problem. Click here for more information on Bed Weed Control.

Pest Control

"The Greener alternative to traditional Pest Control"

Blades of Green is proud to introduce our new pest control programs. We have three programs to meet the situations our customers are faced with. Depending upon the age of the property, the type of construction and the environmental conditions in and around the house one of our programs will fit your needs. Click here for more information on Pest Control.

Mosquito Control

Tired of being locked up inside because of the mosquitoes in your yard? We can help take back your yard with our mosquito control program. Our program will help minimize your families contact with pesky mosquitoes and create a more enjoyable outdoor experience. Click here for more information on Mosquito Control.

Termite Control

No matter how your home is constructed, where it is located, or how old it is, it can be attacked by termites. Termites cause $5 billion worth of damage each year in the U.S. alone. Most of this damage is not covered by your homeowners insurance. Termites may be damaging your home as you read this... We can help! Click here for more information on Termite control.

Flea and Tick Control

Concerned about fleas and ticks on your property? With the help of Blades of Green, you can get the upper hand during flea and tick season. Click here for more information on Flea and Tick control.

Deer Stopper Program

Tired of fighting the deer and the damage caused to your expensive landscaping? Blades of Green, is now offering an all-natural solution that will protect your landscape all year long. Click here for more information on Deer Stopper Program.

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